…my fingers.  Guitar Hero 2 has worn them out.  My brother’s “girlfriend” got it for him as a Christmas gift ($90 gift!?).  I haven’t played the first game, so I played through the songs on easy (five stars to the ones I like), then through normal so I can get the cash to unlock some stoner guitarist.  Seriously, I don’t even know how I’m typing right now.  It’s fun, though.  I might shell out enough for another guitar controller, then my brother and I can jam!

When I’m not rocking out, I’m playing Twilight Princess.  Great game, but it’s one long nostalgia trip.  Gorons, Zora’s Domain being frozen, Lake Hylia being dried up, Stalfos requiring a bomb to kill…nostalgic.  I also don’t see how this game ties in with Ocarina of Time.  Sure, there’s hints but the geography doesn’t line up at all.

When my brother’s playing either of those, I’ve been playing The Sims 2.

I don’t think I’ve slept all break.  o_o;

Hey!  Wait!
I’ve got a new complaint
Forever in debt to your priceless advice


…was great!  Gears of War is such a fun multiplayer game.

Ian and me were talking about this and we agreed that Gears is one of the best in the genre.  Unlike Halo, where a few people get really good and leave the casual players behind in suckitude, Gears appeared to allow everyone a chance.  Take Nick and Ken.  They didn’t know the controls going in and got their asses kicked.  A few hours later, after quite a bit of play, they were pulling off stealthy, chainsaw kills with the best of us.

If I had to rank people by how good they were, I’d probably have to do a lottery.  Everyone had their moments, and it was surprising to see how good some people were considering they didn’t have Xbox 360s.  It’s nice, and it’s what makes multiplayer shooters great.  Other than winning, of course.  Or getting that awesome, memorable kill.

We also played bits of the campaign (Nick and me beat the entire game in a nightlong run), some Twilight Princess and DBZ: Budokai Tenkachi 2.  The thing that irked me most?  People leaving around 10 in the morning.  And I was all anxious to play some more multiplayer, ah well…  There are other things but they’re not really worth mentioning.  I didn’t leave until after 2 and that was because I fell asleep in the afternoon.  What can I say?  The caffeine wore off.

All in all, fun times…and Steve has a ton of food to clean up.

Die motherfucker!