The True Story of Christmas

It’s a simple fact that people do not like to hear the truth.  Truth hurts while lies comfort and that’s why many people are ignorant to the true story of Christmas.  People will say the real “reason for the season” is Jesus’ birthday but these people are not only ignorant of Christmas’ origin, but of their own religion.  The real truth about Christmas stings and is not reading for the faint of heart.  If anyone wishes to remain clueless so they can “enjoy” the holiday, now would be a good time to surf elsewhere on the Internet.

People are shocked when they hear that Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas.  It’s rather hilarious to see such shock, especially when the Bible never gives Jesus’ birth.  All that text about a virgin birth and fulfilling prophecies and there’s no date?  The authors of the Christian Testament must not have known (or cared) when their “savior” was born.  If a Christian is celebrating Christmas as the birth of their lord, they’d have better luck picking a random date out of the year and celebrating that day.

So if Jesus’ birthday isn’t known but has been celebrated on December 25th for over a thousand years, why bother raising a fuss? Because, much like the first Thanksgiving, the origin of Christmas is nasty and has been toned down for the masses to stomach.  Christmas has a lot of roots in pagan holidays but it mainly stems from Saturnalia.  Saturnalia is a Roman holiday in which the Roman courts closed and people did what they wanted.  Roman citizens drank massive amounts of alcohol, indulged in sexual pleasure (including rape), and went from house to house singing naked (which is where Christmas caroling comes from).  Roman communities also delegated unlucky individuals as “enemies” and tormented them for an entire week before brutally murdering them.

The Christians of the 4th century would tie Jesus’ birth to this holiday.  All the customs were left in tact, so potential converts would not be turned off.  It was a simple wallpaper change from commemorating the Roman god Saturn, to celebrating the birth of Jesus.  This is everything that’s wrong with Christianity.  Any supposed divine truth has been fabricated or borrowed and the majority of its teaching derive not from a supposed man-god, but by his followers who always missed the point (the apostles) or had their own agenda to pursue (Paul).

To be blunt, Christmas is a lie.  The Bible never says Jesus was born on December 25th and something the Church never conceived until long after his death.  Even when they manufactured a holiday, they borrowed components from pre-existing pagan ones.  Is this writing a call to get rid of Christmas?  Hell no!  It’s too ingrained in the public consciousness and besides, who doesn’t want a day off?  However, the next time someone is very Scrooge-ish around the holidays, perhaps they are not so Scrooge after all.  Perhaps they know the true story of Christmas and acknowledge it.