Halo 2 LAN @ Nick’s

Last night kicked ass.  Nick had a system link and I was invited and it owned.  I was 2nd out of 8 overall.  Only Billy was better then me….but I’ll get him!  Well, maybe.  He’s pretty damn good.  The people were Nick, Billy, me, Ian, Joel, Gabe, Aaron, John, and Nate.

Nick was pretty good at Nodar (which I introduced to everyone) and he is pretty good at jacking.  He also wields a mean combo of the plasma pistol/SMG.  I got to beating him though when I used his own combo against him.  He also likes to melee a lot, so a shotgun to the chest cured that.

Billy was the best out of all of us…when there’s radar.  He got owned him in nodar which he later changed the rules (put the radar on) and that’s how he got lots of kills.  Relies on the radar a lot, and he’s pretty good at any combo, particulary the sniper rifle/beam rifle (automatic headshot if he sees you).  Also likes to brag and does it to everyone.

Ian’s pretty good, and he’s loud.  Not trash-talking loud but loud, which is kind of good for propaganda.  He’s pretty good all-around.

Joel is a good sniper (saved us a bit in CTF matches) and he’s pretty good for someone who doesn’t have an Xbox.  He beat us all in a slayer match at Beaver Creek and he can kick some ass in close quarters.

Gabe was the worst but his persistance made up for it.  He’d constantly be annoying the other team by sneaking around or ‘parachuting’ in from a Banshee.  He’s capable of being hijacked though.  Still, his persistance made him a good annoyance.  He was good at nodar.

Aaron is the grenade master.  He’s pretty bad on his own but his grenades made him a key person.  I would usually run backwards or sideways when shooting someone, but Aaron would be the only one I charged.  He left early and was replaced by Nate.

John is a good sniper and a great gunner for a Warthog.  The only problem with him is that he would wait for the sniper rifle and in team games, that’s a no.  Still, he was one of the best guys there.

Nate was like Gabe, only better.  He would go for the flag by speeding over in a Ghost and then running for the hills.  He’s pretty deadly in a Ghost too.  He’s a definite tanker though, and quite deadly with it.  Too bad we rarely played games with tanks though.

So overall, I’d say it was Billy/me (if radar is off, me.  If radar is on, definintly Billy), Joel/John (whoever had the sniper first), Nick, Nate, Ian, Aaron, and Gabe.

Not much else in other news…