New Year’s Eve

…A day early.  And so a rather crappy year comes to an end.  So that might be the pessimism talking.  2008 has been rather underwhelming and while there were some positives (online classes, finally getting a job), the overall impression is one of disappointment.  Maybe a few New Year’s resolutions are in order?

Anyway, curious question.  I’ve been throwing around the idea of getting a new user name.  I haven’t committed to the idea fully, but just wondering among my handful of readers.  If I do change user names, does anyone want a link to the new dynasty?  The only thing that would be different is a higher probability of more substantial posts.  No essays like I used to write, though…although if people really like that…

So, if there’s not much difference, why bother with a new site?  Meh…  I’ve been using this name for over 4 years now (5, if count AIM…and almost 7 if you count the AOL name it was a variant of).  Life’s changed a lot in that time and posts have been rather piss-poor over the last year and a half.  I’m not the same person I was when I selected that screen name when firing up AIM on a new computer.  With change being the motif of the year, why not jump on the bandwagon?  I’ve done away and disassociated myself from a lot of things over the past 4 years, what’s one more going to hurt?

Just a friend, passing through.

3.750 GPA

The highest GPA I’ve ever recorded.  Would have been a 4 for sure if I’d shown up to art class two times we met.  Ah, well…  Anyway, I’m surprised and impressed.  Before anyone gets too excited and says “congrats,” that’s only for the semester.  My college GPA got bumped up to a 3.0 something, but a 3.75 for the semester…looks like online classes are the way to go!  Neither Bridgewater or UVA offers them so finishing up with the associate’s looks like a better decision every day.

I’m busy and tired, more the latter than the former, and in no mood to find anything or write anything worth posting.

Not everyone comes back out of the dark.

College: It’s Over!!!

…That about sums up college.  In a few hours, anyway.  So, now winter break starts and will end on the 12th.  This is an improvement over last year, where we got about two and a half weeks off…maybe three, but that’s being very generous.  Anyway, college was a lot better this semester.  Work was all right and online classes are fucking great!  So great, in fact, I’d prefer never having to attend another class.  Won’t be the case for next semester, though.  I’ll finish up at Blue Ridge…if I don’t drop out first.  Still don’t know if I want to bother getting a bachelor’s at Bridgewater or UVA.  Hell, just getting an associate’s doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

And I’m out for the rest of the weekend.  My first time off to write in a few weeks and I take a break.  Figures.  Depends on how well the Raiders play against the Patriots.  Speaking of games, I’ll take the Bears over the Saints tonight.  Good thing Xanga has automated posts, so I’ll be able to “post” while away.  Stuff that no one reads (or cares about) but still!

Is that how you treat your friends?
He wouldn’t care.