A Grim Tale Chapter I: Part I

It was just another day for Fido Wellington.  The local vagabond, Fido was out for his daily constitution.  While he walked to keep himself in good health, Fido hiked through his village’s neighboring forest for other reasons.  A regular jaunt through the Briton countryside offered his mind solitude from his penniless lifestyle.  Fido was often so poor he had no money for food or board and would often resort to his charming, roguish good looks to hit up one of the local girls.  All so he could have a place to stay and a bite to eat.

A light drizzle falls as Fido scavenges the local wood for berries.  A harsh winter has befallen the region but Fido still hopes to find something edible.  He moves quickly from brush to brush, from tree to tree.  The faster he moves, the warmer he stays, and it’s a chilly February 26th afternoon.

Fido’s search soon comes to a halt as a brilliant flash of light illuminates the forest.  The scoundrel takes cover behind one of the trees ringing a nearby clearing, in which the light appears.  Fido watches the awe-inspiring display, rivaling that of fireworks lit at festivals.  The light dissipates after a few moments and, with a thud, appears something resembling a human.  The human lands face down in the softly drenched ground, appearing to be weighed down by the heavy gear he carries.

Fido watches the human loosen his pack, before turning over on his back.  Many thoughts enter the curious mind of the knave tramp.  Is this person from another plane of existence?  Better (or worse) yet, is this person a god?  What else would explain such a phenomenon?  Fido has many questions for this non-worlder, but doesn’t want to bother the humanoid just yet.  If this person is a god, it’s doubtful his first impression of this world would want to be some peon bugging him with questions!

Sentience flows through the corpse of Myshiou Grim once more.  Before he can open his eyes, however, he finds himself landing face down in the cold hard ground.  The pack of gear strapped to his back also lands on him, making for an unpleasant arrival into wherever he is now.  Myshiou places the pack off his back before resting beside it.  He lets his eyes adjust to his surroundings while trying to figure what’s going on.

Myshiou’s last memories return to him.  He remembers adventuring with an eccentric cast of people.  Legiodith, Sandy, some girl named Pirate.  Very peculiar group of people.  He also remembers being around Amon Hen, though he forgets the reason why.  He also recollects being attacked and killed by a group of uruk-hai and orcs.  While he feels alive, he wonders if he’s dead and is in whatever fate that awaits him.  Yet, he also wonders if he’s alive again.  As his eyesight clears, he recognizes the forest he’s in.  The wood looks awfully familiar to the woods surrounding the village of Bree.

Myshiou heaves a sigh before rising to his feet.  He takes another moment to look around, and makes eye contact with a young man with brown, curly hair.  Tattered clothing aside, the man also has a drifter’s beard.  Myshiou waves to the man, greeting him before calling out to him.

Fido sees this man, err, thing, greeting him.  He waves back, hoping the man speaks to him and doesn’t speak to him.  Simultaneously.  While he’s always been curious in all things that transcend this world, he doesn’t really know what to say to this being.  Gods are known to be vengeful and don’t take kindly to faulty mortals.  Torn over this dilemma, Fido continues to eye the man with a bleach-blonde ponytail cautiously.

“So, uh, where am I?” Myshiou asks the bum.  No response.  Myshiou repeats the question but the man continues to eye him, with a sense of awe.  Having already asked nicely, Myshiou figured he was only going to get an answer through intimidation.  Without a second thought or even a warning towards the poor man, Myshiou unsheathes his longsword.

The man draws his longsword, which draws a shriek of fear from Fido.  He hides behind the tree, hoping to make amends with this being.  Hopefully, he hasn’t pissed off a god with his mortal behavior.  His life could be better, but what if this god makes it worse?  Even more horrible, he might become a religious sacrifice to appease this god’s appetite (something he once overheard, about how drow sacrifice themselves to their deities).  Woe, indeed!

Myshiou chuckles to himself before sheathing his sword.  “I just want some information, that’s all.”

Fido peers around the tree, nodding towards this man before ducking behind the tree once more.  He sighs, regaining his composure before walking towards this being in need.  He extends his hand in greeting before speaking in a thick, Italian accent.  “Name’s Fido.  What do you need to know?”

Myshiou looks at the hand, but doesn’t shake.  “I’m Myshiou,” he replies, as Fido quickly retracts his hand.  He pauses before asking, yet again,” Now, where the hell am I?”

Fido, though surprised by the display of vulgarity, responds with a proud tone,” You’re near the village of Brill, one of several villages making up Aylesbury Manor.”  Myshiou’s puzzlement leads Fido to elaborate.  “Located in Buckinghamshire, in the kingdom of Briton?”  Myshiou still looks confused, as if he’s in another world.  “Are you extra-planar?” Fido asks.

Myshiou continues to look at Fido oddly, before shaking his head, disregarding his question.  “I’m looking for a village called Bree.”

It was now Fido’s turn to express confusion.  “What?  I know a girl named Bree, but there’s no such village by that name.”  Myshiou shows disbelief at the comment, but sighs with resignation.  Fido catches his disappointment.  “Look, you’re obviously new around here.  Maybe what you need is some time to reflect.”  Myshiou lazily nods in agreement.  Fido strikes up a proposition.  “In the meantime, I’ll help you get acquainted with the locals.  And what better way to get acquainted than have a few ales, eh?” [In retrospect, I don’t think this was very smart.  “Hey, so you lost your memory?  A couple beers will fix that!”  Of course, this is how this NPC would deal with the situation, but it doesn’t seem smart…]

Myshiou smiles halfheartedly at the offer.  A beer or two sounds good right about now, but he can’t help but wonder what the hell he’s gotten himself into.

Not the best story I’ve ever written…but it’ll pass.  Part II of session I coming up eventually.

A Grim Tale: The Continuing Adventures of Myshiou Grim

Still falls the rain in the veils of darkness that shroud the blackened trees. Lightning echoes throughout Chetwood on the outskirts of Bree as a quartet of figures gather in a circle. Two of the figures place a corpse in the middle of a forest clearing. Another flash of lightning provides some brief illumination of the people and the blood-drenched skeleton. A longsword is still sheathed to the heap of clothed bones, as if the blade is bonded to the remains of the great warrior Myshiou Grim.

Myshiou was killed in battle just over three years ago. Adventuring with the elven witch Legiodith the Blue, the often drunk woman ranger Sandy, and a beautiful young girl known only as Pirate; the group was attacked near Amon Hen by a collection of uruk-hai and orcs. Myshiou fought valiantly for his friends’ safety, at the cost of his own life. The women journeyed back to Bree, in hopes of reviving him. They only knew one person capable of such powerful magic: the black wizard Coby.

Unfortunatly, such magic was beyond that of Coby the Black. He knew the spell but did not have the power to cast it. So began the quest to find a means to revive their fallen comrade. Legiodith, Pirate, and Sandy have spent the past three years of their life delving into ruins and mountains in search of diamonds to serve as the spell’s material component. In the meantime, Coby traveled abroad for someone capable of casting the spell. He also studied the ritual itself, should his search be a vain one.

After three years of hard work, the quartet have gathered to see if their efforts will bear fruit.

Coby produces a diamond-encrusted staff from his flowing, black robe. His towering, dark, pointy hat makes him a menacing figure in the equally intimidating weather. He maneuvers the staff in strange ways to the eyes of his companions, with a hint of nervousness in each movement and his brown eyes. He’s never practiced such a spell on this magnitude before and the slightest deviation from the prescribed ritual could have dire consequences.

While Coby performs the spell, the three women stand and wait. Myshiou died protecting them, they could at least greet him upon his return. Sandy sits down on a barrel of ale she bought and fills her mug. She sits on the barrel and sips, eyes fixed on Myshiou’s skeleton. The minutes pass by and slowly, but surely, Myshiou’s body regains form. The bones turn white before being enveloped in skin. Legiodith and Pirate smile at their good fortune, while Sandy prepares to tackle Myshiou when he returns. Myshiou’s body levitates as his soul slowly returns to him.

All appears to be going well before a brilliant flash of light jettisons from Myshiou’s body, too bright to be mere lightning. All express puzzlement but Coby is especially surprised. After all, texts detailing the spell’s ritual never said anything about this. The diamond staff continues to move, following the ritual but the light doesn’t dissipate. A thunderous boom echoes in the sky, summoning the caws of many neighboring ravens. The light dispels, but so does the group’s hope. While the strange light has dissolved, so has Myshiou’s body.

The long black night goes on and on, yet the quartet still stand in the woods, frozen to their spots in astonishment in the still falling rain.

However, Myshiou’s story is still just beginning.


This is the D&D campaign with my brother that’s finally getting off the ground.  We played for a little bit last night, but here’s the background that precedes the first session.  Based on some roleplaying sessions we used to participate in online, though this one didn’t happen.  Myshiou did die protecting those three girls and I did agree to resurrect him, but this scene here…we didn’t do that.

Oh, and if my brother has an idea for a better title, he’s more than welcome to suggest it.

Upside-Down Kingdom

…is right.

Anyway, I’m reading some horrible book for kingdom living.  Right now, the (main) issue I’m having with the book is whether the kingdom of heaven was supposed to come before Jesus’ death, afterwards, in the Second Coming, or both before and after.  The author takes the approach that the kingdom of heaven transcends our human understanding of time.

In other words, he cops out and says “none of the above”.

I disagree with all of the points.  The kingdom didn’t come during the time of Jesus, it didn’t come afterwards, the Second Coming has yet to happen (and thus, be proven), and the “the kingdom came before and after” choice is just a huge cop-out.

I just don’t get why there’s so many viewpoints on something that’s (supposedly) so important.  When God made covenants throughout the Jewish Bible, he didn’t hide the meanings cryptically or contradict them.  He made them quite clear what the contents of the covenant were and when they would take hold.  The kingdom’s arrival isn’t so obvious.

Or maybe I’m just not so smart and someone can point out whatever it is I’m missing.

The fundamental principles
Say nothing of forever
But those are voices that I hear
Or I’m just not so clever