Ozzfest 2005: Running Free


Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden

Shadows Fall
Black Label Society
In Flames
Rob Zombie
Killswitch Engage
As I Lay Dying
A Dozen Furies
It Dies Today
Wicked Wisdom
Bury Your Dead
The Haunted
The Black Dahlia Murder
Arch Enemy

Where: Nissan Pavilion. Bristow, VA
When: July 24, 2005

all knew I was going to Ozzfest. Brad had gotten me into the music, so
he decided to get me to come along. He was going solely for Iron
Maiden, and I liked Black Sabbath so we decided to go. He bought 4
tickets; 1 for him, 1 for mom, 1 for me, and 1 for a friend of mine.
Now that was very generous of him, but I wish he had bought two tickets
since it gave us both a helluva lot of trouble later on.

went through Austin, Ian, Ryan, John, Nick, and Christian before Brett
said he could go. Mom chickened out the week before and Brad couldn’t
find a friend to go (his brother is in jail) so we went and had a free
ticket to boot.

was something I had been looking forward to all summer. I had missed
out on the Southwest trip and going to Charlotte, and I hadn’t really
been doing anything eventful besides driving (Massachusetts was fun
though). Ozzfest was a welcome break.

had also heard some nasty things here. People told me I would meet
Satanists here and goats would be sacrificed and a lot of other crap. I
didn’t really believe, because the music isn’t satanic itself. And if
the music wasn’t bad, then the fans couldn’t either, right? Well, let’s

Into the Void

I remember
getting 5-6 hours of sleep the night before. That’s something,
considering how anxious I was. I was like a kid waiting for Santa on
Christmas. We left the house at a quarter after 6 and stopped by
Liberty to fill up on gas and get some goods. We bought a 12 pack of
water, some beer, 4 20 oz. Mountain Dews, and 2 Gatorades. I figured,
since soda makes you thirstier, why not buy some Gatorade? Total came
around to $43.

picked Brett up and we got there around 8:30. I saw a few people
drinking beer beside their vehicles. Who the hell drinks at 8 in the
morning? Apparently these fans do. To my surprise, we found the gates
hadn’t been opened yet. Hmm… Needless to say, I decided to look at
the ‘freak show’ that I had been told about.

I saw a lot of
mohawks (isn’t that punk?) and a lot of people were wearing Iron Maiden
shirts. I thought Black Sabbath would be the main draw but Maiden
doesn’t come around North America too often so that could be why. Brad
wore his Purgatory shirt and I wore my Black Sabbath shirt. Slipknot
had a good number of people wearing shirts too. Anyway, the gates
opened up and we took a walk around.

Fire It Up

of us had never been to an Ozzfest before, so we were surprised by what
we saw. There were shops set up where you could get wristbands,
stickers, shirts, and refreshments. There were also games to be played.
Kinda like the fair but no bluegrass/country. We didn’t look too long
though, because Arch Enemy had started and people were heading to
second stage. Needless to say, we all got there and got a pretty good
closeup view (but then again, no one was there).

Arch Enemy: Leader of the Rats

Enemy was the reason we all got there that early. Brad loved them and
Brett liked them too. I’m not a huge death metal fan but Arch Enemy was
probably the best I had listened to so far.

Set list (In no particular order):
We Will Rise

only saw them for two and a half songs but it was great. A mosh pit
opened up right in front of us, which was just cool. People (all 6 of
them) were going fucking nuts in there. I never got the point of
moshing but hey, as long as they had fun, who cares?

thing that got me about Arch Enemy was their vocalist, Angela Glossow.
She really could growl! I’m not saying women can’t growl, but it’s
pretty uncommon. She could speak very well though (and with a Swedish
accent). She didn’t look too bad either… She was short though, I
think Caroline could be taller.

The only thing I didn’t like
about Arch Enemy was that they opened up and only played for 20 minutes
(probably less than that). Opening up may not be such a bad thing to
some, but the music sounded…rough. As the day went on, the crew at
second stage could tune the music so it would sound better but Arch
Enemy had it really rough. It still kicked ass though.

Losfer Words

Enemy went off at 9:20ish. That sucked, because until Rob Zombie came
on, I didn’t have anyone I was looking forward to playing. So I didn’t
have anything to do really until 3:30 when Zombie came on. Crap. Also,
Brad was leaving to go get a beer and he would meet up with us again at
around 10:30.

your probably saying I should check out some of the bands? Well I did,
since Brett said most of them were good and he had heard most of them.
Trivium was up after Arch Enemy, and they were better than Enemy in my
opinion. I liked them, mainly because they played as fast and hard as
Enemy, but the vocals/lyrics were clearer. Maybe death metal isn’t bad
after all… I should check out some Trivium.

Black Dahlia
Murder was up next. Brett said they were Arch Enemy, just with a guy.
Wonderful…or so I thought. Brett and Brad loved them, but I just
think they fucking sucked. As much as I hate to say it, I’m gonna agree
with Risa and say,” Growling and screaming isn’t singing, it’s growling
and screaming.” At least I could make out Arch Enemy’s vocals… A lot
of death metal bands were on second stage that day. And as is the case
with most death metal bands; the instruments were great, but the vocals
were shit.

Black Dahlia Murder did have some events going on during it’s 20
minutes. Some guy got knocked out in the mosh pit there and First Aid
showed up promptly. Now your probably thinking, it was tough as nails
in there. Not really… People were generally nice to each other, which
really surprised all of us. If they wanted to get to the edge of the
stage, they’d push through and say “excuse me” and such. If you fell
down in the mosh pit, people would help you back up. Nicer atmosphere
than I thought, but still, shit happens. A 350 lb. dude tried to
crowd surf, but instead fell on a bunch of people. No one was hurt, but
it is kinda funny to see a 300+ lb. dude try to crowd surf, then flicker
above the masses, and then splat!

We saw some of The Haunted
and they didn’t sound too bad. They were better than Black Dahlia
Murder at any rate. 10:30 was rolling around though, so I figured we
should meet up with Brad.

Under the Sun

got a cheeseburger and let me just say, it did not taste like a
cheeseburger. I found out they had put chicken on it instead. I’m not
complaining too much though, cause it was pretty good. And I only paid
$6, when chicken was selling for $8. And yes, stuff was expensive.

walked by this booth that said “Drown the Clown.” You had to throw a
ball at the bullseye, and if it hit, the clown would fall in the water.
The catch, though, was the clown would insult the living daylights out
of you. This fat kid went up with his dad to ‘drown the clown’, but he
kept waiting to throw it. The clown was so pissed at the kid he started
saying stuff like “Throw the ball, pudgy!” From the look on that kid’s
dad’s face, I thought someone was going to get their ass kicked. I also
do one of the meanest (but funniest) things to a 2nd grader (who
happened to have a massive mohawk). The clown says,” Hey kid!” The kid
turns around and the clown gave him the finger. Priceless…

Brad got a few shirts while he was gone. He got a “Arch Enemy: Pure Fucking Metal” shirt, which just ruled.

also found out from Brad that we couldn’t go out to the car and drink
whatever we bought at Liberty. That sucked, cause we had spent over $40
there. Then again, it’s all about the money. You get in, and have to
stay in and waste all your money in there. I even saw digital cameras
being sold. You can pay for a camera in there, but you can’t take your
own? Frustrating… I only hope that money goes to the bands. Anyway, I
got another Black Sabbath shirts because the others weren’t worth the
$35. Brad still had the free ticket and he went back to the car and
dropped off the shirts there. Brett and me went to check out some more
bands. We’d meet up with Brad around 12.

Back in the Village

didn’t see the rest of The Haunted and most of Bury Your Dead. The
Haunted sounded good, but Bury Your Dead wasn’t too interesting. Brad
was right: Most bands do sound the same. Granted, this can be good but
hearing the same stuff all day long gets annoying. Wicked Wisdom was up
next, and I liked Wicked Wisdom…to a degree. Their vocalist could
sing (which was leaps and bounds better than Black Dahlia Murder), but
the vocals still weren’t too great. It’s not a good sign if your
singing, and I still don’t understand you. She sounded like a rapper
from the way she seemed to be making up words, which isn’t a good
thing. Wicked Wisdom also wasn’t too popular with the crowd. You would
think after a few death metal bands, they’d be ready for some change.
Nope. Some of the second stage bands would go over and let you get
their autograph (long ass line for Arch Enemy though so I didn’t go for
them). Well, the vocalist for Wicked said they were going over there…
Some guy in the crowd shouts out,” Who the fuck wants your autograph!?”
It was pretty funny, but also pretty sad. It’s obvious people don’t
know good music anymore. Most new stuff from other genres is crap, and
it seems most of this new metal is crap too. With better vocals, Wicked
Wisdom could be something. Their drummer was just awesome.

was next, and Brett likes them. I wasn’t too impressed but they were
pretty decent. The crowd liked them more than Wicked Wisdom at any
rate. Contrary to Brett’s xanga, it wasn’t here that Brad tried to get
me to crowd-surf. That came later with A Dozen Furies. People were
going fucking nuts though. In the pits, and even above you with all the
crowd-surfing. It was a sight to see and experience. Soilwork was up
next, and they were decent too. They didn’t sound much different than
most of the other bands but they were a decent listen. Brett loved them
though. We left halfway through them to meet up with Brad, since it was
around 12.

Shadows and Dust

We came
back after a bit of walking around (and listening to the clown some
more) and missed It Dies Today. I could hear them though, and they
didn’t sound too great. Glad I missed them really. A Dozen Furies was
coming up though, and Brad thought it’d be nice for us to get on the
edge of the pit like we were with Arch Enemy. So we wormed our way
through the crowd and got a pretty decent view, and right on the edge
of the mosh pit no less. A Dozen Furies didn’t sound too shabby. Brad
and Brett liked them, at any rate. They had two mosh pits going on
here, so the dust was kicking up like crazy. And when dust kicks up in
90 degree, high humidity weather; it sticks to you. I got pretty dusty
myself. The vocalist wanted the two mosh pits to come together and we
were right in the middle. Brad gave me this “Let’s get the hell out of
here” look but we stayed and the pits didn’t combine, mainly because of
some tough guys on the border. There was a huge black guy behind me and
nothing fazed him. Nothing! People would bounce into him or fall on
him, and he just stood there. He didn’t move or flinch or anything. It
was pretty cool, and I was glad to have him behind me. Not many crowd
surfers fell on me.

Some good stuff happened here. Brad tried
to get me to crowd surf, but I hate crowd-surfing so I didn’t do it. It
seems stupid…like moshing. Speaking of moshing, it was pretty neat to
see people going nuts. A couple of guys got knocked into the guy in
front of me and I got knocked back a few times. This huge shirtless fat
guy got knocked down, got back up, all the while headbanging, tongue
out, devil horns in the air. It was quite a sight.

sight was this one woman went into the pit, and she was jumping/moshing
with the rest of them. They didn’t bang into her though, and she was
screaming “Hit me!” Well, this 400 lb. guy comes out and wham! He
smacks into her with his gut. She got all pissed off and looked as if
she was gonna fight someone. Pretty funny.

Anyway, it was
pretty cool listening to them. Brad said he might check them out and
I’d have to agree. Mastodon was a fashionably late (as Brett said) and
it got pretty hot down there with all those people, so we decided to
get some drinks and get out of this heat.

Sea of Madness

were starting to show up by the boatload now. Rob Zombie was coming on
shortly so a lot of people were showing up for him. We missed out on
most of Mastodon, some of As I Lay Dying, and Killswitch Engage. None
of them sounded too great. Brad went off to get some food and told us
he’d meet us up at 3:30 before Zombie came on.

During this
time, Brett and me saw a guy handing out condoms. People were blowing
them up like balloons and bouncing them back and forth. It was a
curious way to pass the time but hey, it was pretty funny to watch.

thing that happened abnormaly was when Killswitch Engage was playing
their final song. I had asked Brad how someone could sing death metal.
Well, there was a dude behind us singing it just like the vocalist.
Growling, grunting, the works. Afterward though, he was holding his
throat. Hmm…no wonder Arch Enemy was only on 20 minutes… Can you
imagine a death metal band performing for over 45 minutes? They’d get
laryngitis or something.

Death metal bashing aside, Brad went
off to get a beer and some food. He said he’d meet back up with me and
Brett before Zombie and we’d work our way to the front from there.

Rob Zombie: Superbeast

first heard of Rob Zombie from House of 1000 Corpses. I found out he
was a metalhead, but I wasn’t into it at the time. Brad had a White
Zombie CD, which was Rob’s former band. I listened to it a week or so
before, and it wasn’t too bad. Rob could really kick ass. Unfortunately,
I hadn’t listened to Rob in his solo band. The only song I knew was
Superbeast… Regardless, I was looking forward to him. Brett was too.

Brad was a bit late (he didn’t get there until a quarter ’till 4) so I
told Brett to go on ahead. Brad eventually met up with me and we got
pretty close (though we didn’t get as close to stage as Brett did). I
was beside this really hot girl that was about my age (she said she was
15). She was only staying for Zombie and I think I convinced her to
stay for Maiden and Sabbath. I’m not sure about that, though, since I
didn’t get her phone number. I didn’t trust myself taking out my cell
phone and losing it in there… Zombie was hands down drawing the
largest audience of all the second stage bands. And we were packed in
pretty close.

On to the show itself, Zombie was amazing! Rob
Zombie is a helluva showman, he was cracking jokes and was very
entertaining. His music was the best I had heard all day, and it sucked
that he was only on second stage. I would of loved to see Zombie on
main, but second stage needed a headliner and Zombie was just that. I
was pleased he played Superbeast and everything sounded awesome! Brad
was getting into it too and he loved every minute of it.

highlight of the show? Zombie told the women to take off their clothes.
Brett says he saw some titties, since he was right up at the stage. I’m
not too sure about that but I wouldn’t say he’s lying either. I saw a
few bra straps and shirts fly up in the air myself…

Zombie, people were heading towards the main stage. I was pleased,
cause Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath would be up shortly.


headed for our seats and got to listen to the latter half of In Flames
(they started almost as soon as Zombie was over). An announcer there
told everyone to wash up but I don’t know if anyone really listened to
him, since they seemed to be heading towards the main stage. It was a
chore finding out seats, since it involved a lot of walking and such. I
bet we walked halfway around the Pavilion before we finally got our

the sun was still beating down on us, even though we were in a
(partially) closed arena. It was coming in at an angle too so I was
still getting toasted…and on just one side. Hmm…maybe that’s why my
right arm is redder than the other. It was pretty damn annoying! At
least the tips of my fingers weren’t sunburned, or I wouldn’t be typing
this. Anyway, In Flames was actually pretty good, though they didn’t
hold up to Rob Zombie. Better than some of the other junk I had heard
today. I was ready for Maiden and Sabbath, but Brad reminded me another
band I was interested in was coming up…Zakk Wylde’s Black Label

Black Label Society: Electric Hellfire

Wylde is a speed demon on the guitar and he showed me here. Black Label
didn’t hold a candle to Rob Zombie, but it was much, much better than
some of the other stuff I had heard today. I didn’t know much of their
songs but now I’m making it a top priority to listen to Mafia.

really can play fast. It was an enjoyment to listen to. The vocals were
a bit nonexistent though, but then again, BLS is known for speed. When
the lyrics did come, they came out pretty well. Although Zakk will
always be known better as a guitarist, he’s a pretty decent vocalist.
He sang a helluva lot better than most of the other people today. Wish
I had more to type, but since we were inside, not much was going on.
The atmosphere was a lot calmer than it was at second stage, mainly
because people were seated now. I take it it’s really hard to have a
mosh pit or crowd-surf when there are seats around you. Besides, would
you want to be dropped while you crowd-surfed?

Caught Somewhere in Time

was ready for Maiden and Sabbath, but I still had Shadows Fall and
Mudvayne to listen to. After Black Label Society was done, we all went
to get some food. I wanted to get some pizza but the line was too long
and I didn’t feel like standing still until Maiden came on (and that’s
all the line did, stand still). While walking around looking for a
decent line, we saw a drunk guy pissing off some other dude. The other
dude kept saying “Don’t fucking touch me” or something. Anyway, this
attracted some really big security guy. He was big, bad, and huge! He
was at least twice my height and four times my size. Needless to say,
the drunk quit screwing with the dude.

What does this have to do with the music? Nothing. Cool stuff happens all the time, you just have to know where to look.

waited in line for some pizza some more but the line didn’t move so I
went back in and caught the latter half of Shadows Fall and the first
half of Mudvayne. Shadows Fall didn’t impress me too much, mainly
because they sounded like everybody else that day. Their vocalist had
some really long dreadlocks though. When he headbanged, they would
sweep the floor. It was pretty cool to watch. Too bad his music wasn’t
as cool.

Mudvayne was up after Shadows Fall. Brett loves these
guys, and they were pretty good. They hit harder than most other people
today. They had a good showman of a vocalist too (though no one had
held up to Zombie yet). Brett told me later (I missed out on the latter
half) that when Chad Gray (Mudvayne’s vocalist) went to slap hands, he
missed a guy. Well the guy was pissed, so he threw a drink at Chad.
Chad made a ‘suck it’ sign with the mic. It was pretty funny, shame I
missed it. But Brad had went off to get a beer, and I was still hungry
so I decided to go wait in line with him.

Charlotte the Harlot

Her name wasn’t Charlotte but anyway, here’s something that else that went on and I thought was pretty abnormal.

finally got some food and was chowing down while Brad was drinking some
more beer when this drunk woman comes around. She was out of
it…literally. She was going around up to guys saying,” You want to
see this girl gone wild!?” and would make as if to take off her bra
(she was only wearing a swimsuit). She just happened to get up on our
table and was about to show it all for Brad, me, and the rest of the
people there. She almost flashed the security guard who came down to
get her off too. Pretty disturbing sight, since she looked…old. Like
at least 40 something. Nasty, but still pretty hilarious. Drunk people
do funny things.

Iron Maiden: Running Free


took half an hour to set up, so I thought it better be good. Nothing
could compare, though, to what I was about to see… Even Brad was a
bit on the anxious side for these guys.

Set list (in order):
The Trooper
Phantom of the Opera
Run to the Hills
Number of the Beast
Hallowed by thy Name
Iron Maiden

Running Free

Maiden started off with Wrathchild, which was just badass. I still
think Paul DiAnno sings it better than Bruce Dickinson, but Bruce did a
helluva job. Next up was The Trooper and Bruce came out with a British
flag and red coat on. He would wave the flag around and it was a
spectacular show. Both Wrathchild and Trooper are Maiden staples so I
knew they would be played. Next up was Revelations, which was a song I
wasn’t too crazy about. It was after this Bruce told us they were only
playing songs from the first 4 Iron Maiden albums. Yes!

told us the next song would be the last time they performed it so I was
thrilled. I was hearing something that wouldn’t be played again. Brad
told me Running Free, I told him Flight of Icarus…well, we were both
wrong. Phantom of the Opera was played. I like that song, but it is a
minute too long. Brett would agree, since we all stood up for the hour
they played. Still, it was good to hear it being ‘retired’ and it
showed me Iron Maiden can really perform their material well. This
might be one DiAnno-era Maiden song Bruce can sing just as well, if
not, better than Paul. Afterwards, Bruce told us Iron Maiden was making
another studio album. Wonderful news, indeed. Brave New World and Dance
of Death were great, so of course I’ll check out Maiden’s next

Run to the Hills/Number of the Beast were next and
everyone was on their feet applauding Maiden. Run to the Hills had the
whole pavilion singing, and it was great to hear live. Number of the
Beast was next, and a big demon/goat prop came up. It’s eyes would glow
and it’s head would tilt and look at you. People were thrilled, and
Iron Maiden was doing great. Even Brad was having fun. I thought he was
going to piss himself, he was so excited.

Hallowed by thy Name
was another song I wasn’t crazy about, but it is a Maiden staple so I
expected it to be played. Iron Maiden was next, and it sounded great. A
really big Eddie came out, and it really was big. It was twice the
height of the band members. And Brad said that was the little one…
Man, I’m making it a priority to see Iron Maiden whenever I can. They
then left the stage but everyone knew they’d come back, since they
weren’t tearing down the stage yet. Everyone chanted “one more song!”
(except Brett…) and they came back. They didn’t give us one, but two,
songs! No wonder people love Maiden…

Running Free was great,
mainly because of the audience. Bruce asked us to do one favor for
him… Sing. He didn’t care how (he did a great death metal
impersonation here), just sing. Whenever you get the chance, sing. And
the audience did. I’m running free, yeah! I’m running free! Bruce said
he loved doing it and he looked very pleased. I was happy to have sang
along, since I like to headbang instead of sing. Sanctuary was next and
it was pretty cool to hear. The opening riff is just killer. I can say
Running Free and Sanctuary go well together lyrically, and it was an
enjoyment to hear both.

There were a few things wrong with
Maiden though. Notably, the stage was too small for them. Even though
they made the most of it, it didn’t do justice for them. The stage
looked great the way it was set up, but still…liked to have seen them
on a bigger stage. That, or be up closer. Also, the fact they only
played for an hour sucked. More, more, more!

Overall, Iron
Maiden was the best all day and worth the price of admission and having
to hear all the “I’m too good to speak coherently” bands. However,
there was a band coming up that was bigger than Iron Maiden (if that’s
possible): Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath: Lord of this World

No kidding.

was a bit skeptical of Sabbath, since Ozzy has been losing his voice
over the years. Hell, if I had sitcom I’d rather do that then sing.
However, I had heard good, and only good, things from people over the
net. I also saw that After Forever was included in the set list when
they played over in Europe. After Forever is one of my favorite Sabbath
songs, so I was pretty psyched and I had some hope after all.

huge curtain came up and we couldn’t see the band set up. A few minutes
later we hear a “How you doing!?” Guess who? Come on! I’ll give you 10
guesses, and the first 9 don’t count.

After Ozzy got the crowd
going, everything went dead. Then a video started playing on the
screens around the stage and it went on for a bit. The curtain went
away and here was the moment I had been waiting for all day…

Set list (in order):
After Forever
War Pigs
Dirty Women
Fairies Wear Boots
(Symptom of the Universe/Sweet Leaf)/Electric Funeral
Iron Man
Black Sabbath
(Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)/Paranoid

Children of the Grave

reason why Symptom of the Universe, Sweet Leaf, and Sabbath Bloody
Sabbath are in parenthesis are because just the riffs were played. None
of the lyrics.

N.I.B. started things off and I knew the lyrics
well…and so did everyone else. As was the case with Iron Maiden,
everyone seemed to be singing along and on their feet. We were in a
place where I could see everyone clearly. And it was quite a sight
seeing some metal gods play. Everyone sounded great, even Bill and
Ozzy. After Forever was next, and I was very pleased to hear it played.
It’s a really pro-religion song and is a smack in the face to anyone
who says Black Sabbath worships Satan. Score. Ozzy then got the crowd
worked up with “I can’t fucking hear you!?” and mooning everyone and
they started off into War Pigs. I knew it would be played, it just
wouldn’t be Black Sabbath without it. I didn’t expect how well it would
be played though. It was awesome.

Dirty Women was next and I
wasn’t too crazy about it. Still, it’s a good surprise. Decent song,
but I’d rather have heard Snowblind or Sweet Leaf in it’s entirety.
Ozzy’s voice cracked near the end though, but he still sang the rest of
the it and the other songs flawlessly. Fairies Wear Boots was next, and
another song I knew would be played. People were starting to go fucking
crazy (as Ozzy said). There was crowd-surfing, which is weird because
there are chairs and if you dropped a guy crowd-surfing….yeah, it
wouldn’t look pretty, now would it? No one was dropped though and Black
Sabbath was putting on a helluva show. Even Brad told me I was seeing
something here.

The opening riffs to Symptom of the Universe
was played, then switched into the main riff for Sweet Leaf (which is
why they are in parenthesis) before Electric Funeral was played in it’s
entirety. Again, I’d have rather heard Snowblind but Electric Funeral
is another favorite song of mine. Iron Man was next and it was an
enjoyment to hear. You have not lived life until you have heard it’s
thundering riffs live! Black Sabbath was next and you haven’t lived
until you hear it live either. Sent some chills down my spine, just
like the first time I heard it. You should listen to that song as soon
as you are done reading this. And don’t look at the lyrics, cause you
have to hear Ozzy’s voice.

Ozzy said they would play one more
song, and “the louder we were, the louder they would play.” They
started into Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (just the opening riff) before
going into Paranoid. It was awesome, and I could finally hear the
guitar solo without all the scratchiness that’s apparent on the
Paranoid CD. Since they would play louder then the audience, Sabbath
got pretty loud.

Sabbath then left the stage but came back for
an encore: Children of the Grave! Yes, another favorite song. I knew
it’d be the last song (since like Maiden they wouldn’t play two) so I
told Brad we should get going (but only after the solo).

Sabbath was perfect. Bill, Tony, Geezer, and Ozzy did their parts with
perfection. Geezer and Ozzy seemed to be the only two who looked good.
Tony Iommi looks a lot older than I thought he did, but he’s still a
master of the guitar and pulled off all the songs flawlessly. Bill Ward
looked older than Iommi, but I could tell he was having a good time.
When Ozzy introduced the band members to the audience, he actually
bowed to us from behind his drum set. Nice, very nice.

though, was the show stealer. He sang nearly everything perfectly (his
voice cracked a little on Dirty Women) but he could still sing, even if
he’s over 50. The fans wanted to be at Ozzfest, and so did Ozzy…and
his performance showed. He was the best showman of the day for me
(though many could make an argument that Rob Zombie or Bruce Dickinson
were better). I have newfound respect for Ozzy because of his

I was only disappointed that they didn’t play
longer. The curfew was 11 and Sabbath stopped playing around 10:30.
They could of played Into the Void and/or the Wizard. They played them
over in Europe, why not here? Into the Void is a little over 6 minutes,
and the Wizard clocks in around 4 and a half. I was disappointed by
those songs not being played, but since the performances were perfect,
it’s forgivable.

Anyway, with Children of the Grave winding down, I told Brad we should probably get going.

After Forever

It was hell getting out of the parking lot, taking us nearly 45 minutes. I also slept most of the way home, since I was dead tired and could barely talk from screaming, singing, and inhaling second hand smoke all day. I was going to type my thoughts on the show as soon as I got home, but I was so tired and sunburnt to Hell so I didn’t do anything for another 18 hours.

Looking back on the show, it was fun. Even though I got sunburnt, my ears are ringing, and my throat hurts…it was more than worth it. If next year has a promising show, I’ll be attending. You can bet the farm on it.

Last thing I wanted to do was post who I thought was the best. Couldn’t decide on Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden, so I just had a tie…

Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden (tie)
Rob Zombie
Black Label Society
In Flames
Arch Enemy
Shadows Fall
A Dozen Furies
The Haunted
Killswitch Engage
Bury Your Dead
As I Lay Dying
It Dies Today
Wicked Wisdom
Black Dahlia Murder