Spoilers Don’t Spoil Stories

Spoilers:  The bane of all entertainment discussion.  Whenever a jaw-dropping event happens (like King Joffrey’s death on Game of Thrones), people have to be mindful of “spoiling” it for those who haven’t seen the event yet.  This is rather silly and when people cry foul about spoilers, they’re missing a major point that needs to be drilled into the heads of everyone…  The lesson being that spoilers don’t spoil stories.

If spoilers ruined stories, no one would re-read a book.  No one would buy a DVD of a movie they saw in a theater.  Titanic wouldn’t have been the highest grossing movie of all time for a decade plus!  Yet, despite “spoilers”, all these things exist and people continue to put money towards them.  Because how something ends is not the point of entertainment.  We watch, read and engage in something to see how it’s built up, how it’s resolved, what it can teach to help better ourselves, to support whoever created the story and other reasons that vary to the individual.

Knowing that Joffrey dies in the episode isn’t a spoiler that ruins Game of Thrones forever.  It’s a gateway to further enjoyment of the show.  Rather than complain about being spoiled, the person should ask themselves questions like “How does he die?”  If that can be answered ” isn’t his death still worth seeing?  Not to sound too sadistic but seeing a picture of Joffrey’s postmortem face differs vastly from watching the fucker choke to death.  The latter image is more likely to stick in the mind and leave a lasting impression, as opposed to the picture.

Other questions one should ask include, “Was Joffrey’s death worth the wait?”  It is something the audience has been expecting since the first season.  Did you feel that justice had been served?  Do you feel disappointed, especially when compared to how gruesome Robb Stark’s death was?

“Where does the show go from here?”  Tommen Baratheon is now King, so Cersei is Queen Regent again.  Tommen seems a good kid but he is a bastard of incest who could become another Joffrey.  Since Margerey was officially married to Joffrey, the Lannister-Tyrell arrangement is no longer linked by matrimony.  How will that alliance be renegotiated, if it even will be?  Who killed Joffrey and why was now the right moment?

Even if one gleans the answers from reading the books or has the upcoming events spoiled for them, they are still watching for other reasons.  Fans of the books still want to see these characters be brought to life by the actors who portray them.  They want to see the locations built by the production crew.  They want to see how the book translates to television.  Plot is filler, merely the structure by which the story can progress.

Spoilers don’t spoil stories.  Other issues like bad writing, poor acting and production failures are what ruin stories.  If knowing how something happens ruins the story, one should do some soul-searching and figure out what else is ruining their enjoyment…because it’ll go deeper than “aw man, I know what happens next now…”


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