Snow Day?

Compared to a great deal of the world, Virginia does not get a lot of snow so it’s always a treat when we do get some.  Or so I once thought…  College has changed that.  Now, one is expected to brave roads dusted with one inch snowfalls that would keep public school buses in the garage.  All for reasons of college and/or work.  Damn responsibility.

EMU takes this trend to an idiotic level.  Obviously, they’re not going to close school (or even cancel classes) for a few flurries but if I was living off-campus (and didn’t know any better), it would appear as if the administration was giving me the finger.  See, EMU has a nasty habit of never canceling.  This is even more awkward when the high school just down the street is closed or JMU opens later.  Last Wednesday, for example, EMU opened at 9 AM.  JMU opened a hour later, while both public city high schools were closed.  What the fuck is the point of canceling only one class?

Tomorrow, a huge blizzard is forecast.  Most schools (including colleges like Blue Ridge) have already closed.  EMU and JMU are sitting and waiting.  I’d normally side with EMU or JMU, since schools closing before snowfall are jumping the gun (at least wait until the morning) but I’m convinced EMU would stay open and have classes.  Even if it was a perpetual nuclear winter, some jackass in the administration would build igloos for us to have class in.

Been writing for 2,012 days…would have written about the 2012 scare but what is there to say?  The Mayans had no grand belief the world would end in 2012…it’s just laziness on their behalf.  I’m pretty sure the Mayan thought went along the lines of, “We won’t need to have our calendar go past 2012 because it’s not like our civilization will be destroyed by the Spanish and someone will come along and discover our unfinished calendar and make doomsday prophecies out of it.”  In any event, EMU will still have classes.


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