Raising Breast Cancer Awareness (among other things)

The main topic of choice on this journal is some form of entertainment, whether it be a video game or something about D&D.  If those topics were forbidden, however, the other option would be to write about something idiotic someone (or some group) has done.  People are a never-ending source of stupidity so it’s not like there would be a lack of writing.  Stupidity is also a very humorous, relieving topic…so long as one is not on the “receiving” end of the critique.  After all, laughter is good medicine and what better thing to laugh at than someone’s own poor judgment?

Today’s victims who deserved to be laughed at are any woman who put the color of her bra in her Facebook status.  The reason for this madness is to raise breast cancer awareness.  It’s too bad a noble cause does not excuse poor judgment.  If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to idiocy is paved with “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”  The first issue here is that breast cancer awareness month is in October, not January.  It would have made a ton more sense to implement this idea in October!  Perhaps it was and people didn’t know when to stop, which would be just as stupid (if not, more so).

The counter argument to that is that the fight against breast cancer is ongoing and not confined to a single month.  Fine, but what’s with showing “the color of the bra you are currently wearing”?  It would have been easier to just organize a day where all women wear a pink (or peach) bra.

The real issue here is the potential for some woman to become the object of someone’s sexual fantasy…and then end up bitching about it.  A woman posting the color of her bra over the Internet is equivalent to wearing short shorts, both play up sex appeal and only that.  The issue here is not a moral guardian (“this is another instance of our society’s values decaying”) complaint but instead, an issue of choice and consequence.  Women can certainly choose to wear short shorts and post their bra color, it’s a free society and neither breaks any laws.  However, doing either can invite many lewd, sexual comments and assist in perverts devising sexual fantasies.  All too often, the lewd commenter is written off as a pervert or shallow, chauvinistic pig when the woman brought it on herself.  If a woman finds it disturbing that men will leer at her in her short shorts or masturbate to her at night once she’s posted her bra color for all the Internet to see, that makes her ignorant…not a victim.

Of course, men weren’t supposed to find out women were doing this…even though breast cancer also affects men.  Way to raise awareness by leaving out an entire gender!  Also, this was conducted over the Internet and considering how many people use Facebook, did anyone really think a man would not have eventually found out what was going on?  This “game” raised lots of things…but not awareness for breast cancer victims.  If anything, those victims were ridiculed when women decided to e-flash their Facebook friends.  If women don’t want to think that some guy(s) slept soundly to the thought of them in a certain color bikini, perhaps they should think of the consequences of their choices in the future…instead of bitching about how perverted man is.

One thought on “Raising Breast Cancer Awareness (among other things)

  1. oh my god I completely agree about the bra thing.I was actually at work when I looked at my phone and realized someone sent me a message about doing it and I actually thought “yea, ok, like anyone would be stupid enough to do it”.when I came home, I went on facebook and almost everyone was doing it.I died a little inside.


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