New Year Rambling

New year, another chance to bring some life into this desolate place?  No promises.  Ramblings are the equivalent of a fight with no rules.  If concise, orderly, correct and (perhaps) great writing is what you’re looking for, somewhere else might be a better look.  Plus, EMU takes up tons of time.  The kids at orientation scoffed at being told they were expected to complete around 30 hours worth of schoolwork.  Had the workload been that intensive, how many would still have attended?

EMU’s also the first school to critique my writing ability (not that there’s much evidence to be seen here in the archives).  Every paper returned had, in red ink, something about how “I hadn’t found the proper voice.”  What exactly are they looking for?  If teachers are looking for something more professional, they aren’t going to find it.  Academic writing is boring, as is reading it.  Informality allows a variety of twists to be employed, allowing one to get away with things they couldn’t in a more professional environment.  This does not bode well for a career in writing but I wasn’t planning on a journalism major and if everyone plays by the same grammatical/writing/formal rules, how is anyone going to stick out?

So that, added with the lack of writing worth posting, has been on my mind.  I’m also enjoying being living laid-back on campus.  So, laziness is to be blamed here as well.  Instead of looking for or typing something to post, entertainment and sleep have been far more preferable.  Whenever something does catch my eye, it’s usually a link on Facebook…which only requires a paragraph (or less) to write.  Maybe that will change come May…

New Year’s resolutions have been made.  Last year’s involved getting rid of Facebook, which went very well until I decided it was a good way to keep in touch with Jackie and Sandy.  Not going to repeat that this year but I have found the reasons I deleted my account in the first place were legitimate and it would have stayed deleted had Sandy not randomly commented on a post back in April.  That has factored into this year’s resolutions…

This rambling is going to cease because I’ve been up over a day, mostly playing Assassin’s Creed 2, and this has all been on my mind.  Best to ramble in an echo chamber then let these thoughts fester in the head.  Like Captain Jack, I wash my hands of this weirdness.  Last years’ weirdness, in fact, and prepare for the new year…


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