One of my roommates had control of the remote and used his diabolical, evil ways to inflict a showing of iCarly upon his fellow tenants.  College football was on but everyone at EMU hates college football outside of JMU for some reason.  Anyway, I overheard (and, admittedly, watched) enough to get a grasp of what was going on.  The real plot of the episode was uninteresting, although the importance of a first kiss was overrated.  9th graders don’t care about a first kiss, they care more about losing their virginity.  It’s curious that Nickolodeon chose to censor that…

Anyway, the real plot was the sub-one, with Carly’s brother going to prison to teach art to inmates.  They end up constructing a giant pair of pants, which the prisoners use to escape and persuade Carly’s brother into taking it home.  The pants are taken home and the convicts escape, only to find Carly and her friends in the house with them.  Now, in the show, the prisoners only tie them up and run away to enjoy their freedom via murdering, stabbing and whatever else escaped prisoners do.

I realize it’s a kid show and it’s entertainment but reality can only be dismissed so much before you ask “what the hell?”  The reality is these prisoners would have eaten these kids alive.  The show depicted them as a violent sort, one attempting to kill Carly’s brother and another who had to constantly stab things.  Violent criminals wouldn’t have left these kids alone after tying them up with duct tape.  Best-case scenario in reality?  Carly’s brother would have come home to find his sister and her friends brutally murdered.  Worst-case scenario, the prisoners rape the bodies and do other nasty, unspeakably evil deeds.

After all, Carly and her friends are witnesses to their escape and could identify them to the police.  Why leave them alive?  The police would infer that the missing inmates (who they would find missing when they did roll call or something, although they never bothered to check the pants when Carly’s brother was leaving prison) escaped in the pants and Carly’s brother would feel all sorts of guilt.

I just wrote an overview of what could have been the series finale of iCarly…wow?


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