Saints Row 2 DLC

It wasn’t until I got Rock Band that I started enjoying the benefits of the PlayStation Network.  After shelling out money for songs and downloading demos, I figured I’d go through my (thin) PS3 game library to see what all was there.  Assassin’s Creed has nothing and the sports titles are from last year.  Saints Row 2 is the only game that has any downloadable content, so I got the second pack.  The first one was a little too expensive ($10) for silly stuff.  Silly as in “Tera Patrick is a homie and the missions do not serve a plot purpose other than to tie Saints Row’s Ultor to the Red Faction version.”  There were other things like new clothes and haircuts in the first pack as well, but $10 is too steep a price.

And after paying for the second pack (a much more reasonable $7), I’m not sure I’d want to pay for the first set of content.  The missions tie into the plot and lay the groundwork for a sequel, although they were a bit harder than I’d like.  One of the charms of Saints Row is that it isn’t as backbreakingly hard as Grand Theft Auto.  Not so here.  Flying helicopters, while easier, is still a pain in the ass and the sniper rifle was never my favorite weapon.

On the other hand, I’m not sure if it’s the increased difficulty or because I just got done playing San Andreas and had to readjust to the control scheme.  PS3 controllers are the same as PS2 ones and too often I kept hitting the wrong buttons.  For example, tapping X to sprint (how it’s done in Grand Theft Auto) instead of R1.  I didn’t redjust and instead, charged blindly into the storyline.

The other add-ons were kind of lame.  The new vehicles are not customizable, which kinda defeats the purpose of adding them (just about every car can be editied in a variety of ways in Saints Row and its sequel).  The bike and boat (won’t be bothered to remember their names) handled really weird and will never ever be used again.  Another minor gripe is Dex’s character model.  Saints Row 2 butchered Julius (he looks awful compared to the first game) and now Dex can be added to that list.

So what was worth paying for?  The missions, while basic in execution and rather hard, were still violent fun.  The final mission in the pack has your character being attacked by mimes and ninjas (who stealthily stalk the rooftops and appear from smoke bombs).  Hilarious, violent and fun!  Probably wasn’t worth paying $7 for but I’ve spent more money on worse things before.

A fun pack overall, but only recommended for Saints Row 2 completionists.  If there’s still an appetite for more Saints Row 2 after the original is completed, this pack will fulfill although a $7 price tag should raise an eyebrow.


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