Year Five

Five years worth of writings that people are lucky to read once in a while.  Depending on how it’s looked at, this is either an accomplishment, exercise in madness or complete waste of time.  The past year has the least amount of entries posted…and is also the one with the least amount of comments (although, it still came close to the previous year’s numbers).  I’d sum up the past year but my inability to write anything interesting should be enough of a statement.  Hopefully, a new year will allow more things to come to mind.

That said, only one minor thing to note about the recent health care debate.  Our government is funny.  According to them, this legislation is so urgent that many will vote on it before they read the bill, just like the stimulus bill earlier this year.  By the same token, Congress is not willing to give up their recess/vacation.  If this legislation is so dire, why not continue working and debate the bill?  If a vacation can’t be postponed, the legislation in question must not be so necessary after all.

These same people also bitch about the length and complexity of the bills they’re required to read.  First off, reading bills is part of the job description.  If Congressmen Conyers didn’t want to read legislation, he should not have applied for the job.  Second, perhaps legislation should not be so bureaucratic.  Bills do originate from Congressmen, after all.  Lastly, what’s the rush?  There’s no point in rushing a bill through the lawmaking process, especially if the lawmakers have not had the time to read it, unless there is something in the bill they don’t want us to see.

Then again, hypocrisy, laziness and deceit are all attributes commonly found in Washington.


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