Transformers 2

With unemployment about to hit double digits and all this talk about economic woe, one would think we’re in the midst of a recession.  However, one look at Transformers 2’s box office take dispels that theory.  If we were really in a recession, would movies be making $300 million domestically (and over $600 million worldwide)?  It’s understandable that people go to the movies for escapist entertainment, to get away from the dreary real world, but seriously?  $300 million?  At least it didn’t make more money than The Dark Knight, a movie that had some substance to go along with its action.

Now, to be fair, there’s a plot somewhere under the smoke of Transformers 2 (maybe).  The problem is no one is going to give a shit about it.  All the advertising centers around the aforementioned kabooms and Megan Fox’s cutoffs.  This short rant isn’t to say these types of movies suck, only to express disbelief that these all-action flicks can make so much money.  Hell, if Transformers can make such a great amount of cash, then I officially call dibs on making the Bad Dudes or Fighting Force movie.

Oh, and here’s a statement that will be considered “heresy” among mankind but Megan Fox is not that hot.  Her tattoos are ick and poorly placed.  Her face is too f’ugly and is only passable when her only quality (her body) is emphasized.  Her personality also reveals her to be a complete bitch and despite being an actor, she doesn’t do a whole lot of acting.  Her taste in men could also be nitpicked (her taste in women is much better) but regardless, all her flaws are excused because she’s “hot.”

Gentlemen, the American wedding is a dark and fearful sham.  The event itself is designed to incite anger and drain loved ones of patience, support and money.  Most marriages fail miserably within two years; others end in murder-suicides, and a small percentage of them end with what we like to call ‘liveable hatred.’


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