Rock Band

Last year’s Rehoboth trip saw Steve buying Guitar Hero III for the Wii.  I gave him a lot of hell for this choice because Rock Band was also on the shelf.  The problem with him buying Guitar Hero over the alternative is because the game is a solely single-player affair.  While it is impressive to watch someone play songs on hard/expert, it’s not nearly as fun as co-op.  On the other hand, Rock Band would have let three people play (and I would have chipped in extra money to get a second guitar) and we’d all have had fun.

For a year, this game has been on the top of my list but the high price made the purchase difficult (I could understand why Steve would buy the cheaper Guitar Hero).  After taking a lesson from the federal government (if they can spend all their money, why can’t I?), I bought Rock Band 2.  A real guitar could have bought for the same price but hey, it was worth it.  I also bought Rock Band 1, payed $5 to import the songs (and another $5 for the Black Sabbath pack) and was able to take it back to the store.  At least I was able to get some money back…

Avoiding the long review of a game that has been out for several months, I’d give it a 9.3 out of 10.  The only things I really dislike about Rock Band is that hammer-ons are harder to pull off (the Guitar Hero fretboard looks a lot better than Rock Band’s) and there’s a ton of shit happening on the screen.  By the latter, I mean the constant flashing yellow whenever you hit a string of overdrive notes…or if you get a bass groove and the fretboard turns blue.  Activiating overdrive gives the screen a yellow tint.  It’s a bit of a mess.  However, speaking of overdrive, I do like the overdrive meter and how it’s easier to read than Guitar Hero’s star power.

Rock Band is easier than Guitar Hero but it’s better that way.  The point of playing games is to have fun.  Challenge factors into that fun but if the difficulty is too hard, then no one is entertained.  This isn’t to say Rock Band is a total cakewalk, as songs like Battery can prove.

The drum trainer is a bit of fun too.  I’ll never play drums in Rock Band, much less in real life, but it is satisfying to freestyle.  The instruments haven’t broken yet (although I’ve only played with a full band one night) but I am ever paranoid about the possibility.

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