Easter Bugs

I’ll never understand how the Easter Bunny caught on but that’s only a minor thing that irks me every Easter.  The other, more noteworthy, fact is the resurrection of Jesus.  No, this isn’t one of those “was he ever real to begin with” posts, that’s a different subject.  No, I’m bothered by the whole “resurrected after being dead for three days” thing.

See, Easter is held on Sunday.  This is the day that tradition holds that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified on Friday.  The problem is that the number of days between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning is not three!  It’s not even two days!  Perhaps they just celebrate the day on Sunday because it’s the Christian Sabbath and it is easier to lump the two together.  That would make sense if Good Friday didn’t commemorate the crucifixion and if Easter didn’t commemorate the Resurrection.  As a result, the dates and time are fixed and Church doctrine says Jesus was crucified Friday afternoon and rose from the dead Sunday morning.

So, my question is why are people told he was dead for three days when it wasn’t even two?  Why lie about it?  And why does no one ever point this out?

Record?  Is someone supposed to be writing this down?


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