EMU or Bust

Bridgewater’s orientation was yesterday.  It was also today but I didn’t bother attending the rest of the event.  It took about two hours yesterday to realize that this was not where I wanted to go.  Getting stuck with a group of people who can be favorably described as “JMU rejects” did not help either.  No college campus is truly dry but at least in EMU, I have a circle of friends who stay out of that element.  Bridgewater, I’d only know like two people who commute and can’t room with them anyway because they’re women.

In the end, Bridgewater had too many strikes against it.  Mandatory community service, PDP, horrible housing plans, overrated financial aid and it didn’t have the hook EMU did.  There was nothing to counter all that negative.  Now, EMU’s not great.  In fact, I’ve pretty much resigned to the fact that I’m going to hate college.  The school’s overly liberal but the financial aid is better and I can live away from home in an affordable manner.  I’m also kind of “committed” to the school because I’ve been accepted to live on campus…

Now the decision comes down to EMU or no school at all.  I’ve hated two years of college and the only thing really changing is location.  Plus, I’m hesistant to give any more money to the Mennonites.  With the economy going south, the $30,000 I spent on private high school would be real nice right now…

So, EMU or bust.  An associate’s degree is better than nothing.  I’ve even thought about taking a semester off and applying at UVA in the spring.  Life is like time, always in flux.

Things change.


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