Jack Thompson Is Coming!

Paying for college is insane.  Just pre-registering at EMU has emptied my wallet of $500.  Bridgewater’s orientation is tomorrow and since I’ve been a indecisive prick, looks like I’ll be paying another sum of $300.  Then I’m looking at least $20,000 for a year of education, no matter which school I pick.

In other, less expensive news, the infamous Jack Thompson is coming to my local area!  He’ll be involved in some video game violence debate that will be interesting.  Interestingly enough, the article fails to mention that he’s been disbarred.  I guess that would damage his credibility if there was any.  I’ve written about Jack Thompson before and pompous dick doesn’t begin to cover his personality.  Still, it’ll be…entertaining (?) to see him in person.

For the uninitated, Jack Thompson is one of the most promiment anti-gaming crusaders in the states.  He’s been at it for the better part of a decade or so.  Usually, when a tragedy surfaces, he’s quick to point the finger at video games.  Nevermind that there has never been a study that proves there’s a positive correlation between video games and violence.  When it comes to Jack Thompson, reason be damned.

His antics are not only limited to gaming.  He’s gone after rap music, shitty Leo DiCaprio movies and even accused Janet Reno of being a lesbian.  The latter is one of my favorite Wacko Jacko moments.  He actually handed her a piece of paper, asking her if she was straight, homo or bisexual.  He then claims she put her hand on her shoulder and said she was only interested in “viritle men.”

He then sued her for battery, just for touching him.

And he’s coming here to debate some middle-aged comic author?  Hot damn, I’m getting front row seats!  It’s free and who knows, maybe I’ll be next to feel the wrath of Jack Thompson.

You’re out of your mind.
That’s between me and my mind.


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