I’m not sure if this is the worst month I’ve ever had in terms of posting, but it’s damn close.  Anyway…

There’s some award show tonight for movies or something.  It hasn’t been relevant since the last Lord of the Rings movie won the top award.  Actually, the show is never a great method to tell which movies in the past year were great.  My main beef with the Oscars has been the best picture award.  There’s five slots (or four, told you it hasn’t been relevant in years).  It would be obvious to think that one of those slots would go to the movie that made the most money.

Well, using box office mojo and an encyclopedia not named Wiki, I came across some startling statistics.  Since 1945, the movie that has made the most money at the box office has only been nominated for Best Picture 26 times.  Insane…  Whenever people argue about anything entertainment, someone will say, “Well, it’s good because it’s popular!”  Not the best of arguments (for example, Britney Spears sold a ton of records but that doesn’t mean her music is any good), but it’s an argument with weight to it.  And it makes sense.  Why can’t the movie that was the most popular with the general public, the one everyone paid to see with their money, get a nomination?  Just a nomination.  It doesn’t really matter if the movie wins but leaving out the picture that made a ton of money is just silly.  No wonder no one bothers with the Oscars anymore…

This isn’t because Dark Knight got snubbed either.  Both Pirates of the Carribbean sequels, Shrek 2, Harry Potter (twice, the 4th and 1st movies) and Mission: Impossible II were snubbed.  And that’s just this decade!  Star Wars: Phantom Menace (deservedly so), Armageddon, Independence Day, Toy Story, Jurassic Park, Aladdin, Terminator 2, Home Alone, Batman and the list goes on and on.  Those are all watchable movies (at the very least, some of these are just great!) but Hollywood felt they didn’t even deserve a nomination.

Also, another minor nitpick, what’s the difference between best director and best picture?  Shouldn’t the guy who directed the “best picture” win both awards?  Shouldn’t the “best picture” be directed by the “best director”?

You’re a very odd man…
Hmm, I still am..


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