Day Off

College being canceled yesterday was super sweet.  Let’s make it two days in a row!

This reminds me of those times in school where teachers (and some students) would always bitch about having time off.  Instead of enjoying free time, they would remind the majority of us that we would be going extra days in the summer.  So what?  The last few days of the school year are nothing but exams, so adding extra days just adds filler.  Besides, summer break seems to get shorter every year anyway.  Shortening it by a few extra days won’t exactly hurt.  And there was always that rumor about the board changing the schedule to a year-round one, but we’d only be going four days.

I was always irritated when parents/teachers/students reminded me of that.  “You’ll be going extra days in the summer!”  Sorry, I’d rather have a day off now.  Winter has always been a cooler season than summer, anyway.  Besides, this time off gives me extra time to finish psychology work and Huck Finn.  Speaking of the latter, this will be the third time I’ve read the book for school.  One would think there would diversity, not repetition, in learning.  One would be wrong.

Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark, but they’re wrong because it’s not irrational.  It’s what’s in the dark.  It’s what’s always in the dark.


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