BRCC Act 4

I can’t think of a Sonic game that had a stage with 4 acts.  If summer classes are taken, there will be an act 5.

I’m fiddling around with numerous features, particularly tags.  If people come here to read games, they can just click a tag on the left side of the page and read any gaming-related post.  I’d also have to open up the posts from the last several years (they’re all either private or protected, which allows a select few to read them).  I close off posts from the last year for a few reasons.  One, because no one goes back to read them anyway and two, I don’t want to deal with spam.  Yes, there are people who will comment gibberish on an old post for no real reason other than to annoy.  Or someone will stumble on an old post, like it, and link to it, flooding it with new comments that are would be more akin to trolling.

I have 15 credit hours this semester and am actually working part-time now (over 20 hours).  That many credit hours is the most since first semester last year and I ended up dropping a class.  Online classes are better and easier to manage, though…and one class ends around spring break (only 8 weeks) so this semester shouldn’t suck too much.  And speaking of college, I still need to fill out the apps to Bridgewater, UVA and EMU.  I haven’t made a decision and was going to fill out the application to the college I did choose, but that’s out of the question now.

Hey Colonel, I guess we are the support, huh?
…Looks that way, Sergeant!  Let’s get to it!


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