Gears of War vs. Gears of War 2

No Xbox 360 owner’s game collection should be void of Gears of War and its sequel.  After spending a few days playing the hell out of both of them, there are several differences (minor and major) between the original and its sequel.  I won’t cover every detail but here’s what was noticeable.  I haven’t tried out any Gears 2 multiplayer and have only seldom played Gears 1 multiplayer, so no comparisons will be drawn there.

The campaign in Gears 2 is a tad easier than Gears 1.  Case in point, hardcore difficulty is actually beatable without a friend!  The original Gears handed me my ass multiple times on casual (the “easy” difficulty).  Some would be quick to say I suck but I defend myself.  The friendly AI in Gears 1 is pretty atrocious and has trouble killing mere grubs.  The AI has been ramped up a bit in Gears 2, so while the enemies are smarter, you’re allies are just as smart.

Also, I was overly reliant on the Lancer.  In Gears 1, the shotgun is actually better.  In a few ways, Gears 1 suffers from “Halo syndrome”.  The assault rifle is unusable because, in both games, the shotgun is a better weapon.  Hell, the only reason people use the Lancer is because it’s got a chainsaw bayonet attached!  And when you’re fighting shotgun-toting grubs that take a ton of ammo to take down, you can’t get close to chainsaw them because even the slightest touch of shotgun shell lowers the bayonet.  Sneaking up on them is almost impossible because you’re allies will blow your cover.

This isn’t to say the original Gears of War is bad.  It’s fun and I love playing co-op…but after playing through the game on casual, I won’t touch the game again unless I have someone else to play with.

Speaking of the Lancer, the weapon’s renowned chainsaw bayonet has actually been toned down.  No, not weakened as a weapon (still instant kill) but the blood effect that shows when you chainsaw a grub in half.  Gamespot has the evidence here.

There was more examples I had in mind but it’s late.  Perhaps I’ll update this post later…

What do I look like, a fucking botanist?


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