College: It’s Over!!!

…That about sums up college.  In a few hours, anyway.  So, now winter break starts and will end on the 12th.  This is an improvement over last year, where we got about two and a half weeks off…maybe three, but that’s being very generous.  Anyway, college was a lot better this semester.  Work was all right and online classes are fucking great!  So great, in fact, I’d prefer never having to attend another class.  Won’t be the case for next semester, though.  I’ll finish up at Blue Ridge…if I don’t drop out first.  Still don’t know if I want to bother getting a bachelor’s at Bridgewater or UVA.  Hell, just getting an associate’s doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

And I’m out for the rest of the weekend.  My first time off to write in a few weeks and I take a break.  Figures.  Depends on how well the Raiders play against the Patriots.  Speaking of games, I’ll take the Bears over the Saints tonight.  Good thing Xanga has automated posts, so I’ll be able to “post” while away.  Stuff that no one reads (or cares about) but still!

Is that how you treat your friends?
He wouldn’t care.


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