Obligatory Turkey Day Post

Here’s a joke one of my teachers told us about Thanksgiving.  He had a professor in college who was stationed in England.  Around the time Thanksgiving fell on the calendar, one of the Brits pointed out it was that time of year.  The Brit then told the man they too celebrated Thanksgiving…but theirs was on the 4th of July.

Thanksgiving sucks because I have to visit three homes tomorrow and eat at all of them…or supposed to.  Since I’m not much of an eater, I’ll eat enough at the first house then waste the rest of the day away.  Tomorrow, though, is a time for housecleaning.  I’m expecting guests Friday and need the house looking decent.  Decent enough for three, maybe four, guys to bum around and play games all day.

As for football tomorrow today, I try to watch what I can…but the Lions are horrible and the Seahawks are just bad.  Also, I don’t get the NFL Network.  Still, for predictions…Titans over the Lions, Cowboys over the Seahawks, and Cardinals over the Eagles.

Well, now I have something to give thanks for, thanks for nothing!


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