How the GameFAQs Character Battle Should Have Went: Final

The GameFAQs character battle concluded yesterday.  Link won…again.  This is the second time he’s won the battle when he’s been in the tournament from the start.  Add another two wins if the post-battle tournaments count (the ones where previous champions were excluded).  Link is also in the finals of my tournament.  Will he win this battle too?  Remember, a character needs to have more than popularity to win…  They also need prestige and have been around long enough to develop a personality.

The rules have changed somewhat for the finals.  Four characters go in, but only one emerges victorious in the finale.

Link vs. Mario vs. Solid Snake vs. Master Chief

Mario wins!  And why not, he has everything required to win.  He’s been around forever to develop a persona, become incredibly popular and has starred in some impressive, best-selling titles.  No other person has come close to rivaling Mario’s popularity.  Link comes close but he lacks that mainstream appeal that Mario has.  Snake is my personal favorite of the bunch but his games are a love ’em/hate ’em affair.  He’s the most developed of the bunch, though.  And while the Chief is popular, he’s a typical action hero who happens to star in a best-selling franchise.  Halo 3 ends the current story with the Chief so, unless he comes back in the later games, his popularity will be short-lived.  Same with Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4 was his swan song.

Now that the battle is over (both at GameFAQs and here), we can go back to our regular business.  The polls at GameFAQs are back (and it’s worth bookmarking the site just for the polls).  Vote for the best Link here…and that would be CD-I Link!  Why?  Well

Oh, and let the record show I picked the Steelers over the Bengals tonight.

Now, having just met you, I wouldn’t go as far as calling you a cold-hearted bastard…but it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine.


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