How the GameFAQs Character Battle Should Have Went: Part IV

The quarterfinals of the tournament ended yesterday.  The finalists were Link, Zack Fair, Mario, Mega Man X, Samus Aran, Vincent Valentine, Crono, Pikachu, Solid Snake, Weighted Companion Cube, Cloud Strife, Mewtwo, Kirby, Dante, Sephiroth and Sonic the Hedgehog.  Some of these characters don’t belong, obviously.  Compare them to my proposal and see which one is more valid.  And before someone reminds me people voted, popularity power isn’t the best way to determine if something is good or not.  The people have spoken…and they are fucking idiots.

Rules are the same as the previous rounds.  Four characters go in, two advance.  Instead of using popular vote to determine who goes on, we use my criteria.  This criteria consists of character’s prestiege, longevity, with some popularity thrown in for good measure.  One can not win with just one of those assets.

And just for kicks, if a character is highlighted in blue, it means they advanced to the semi-finals in the GameFAQs tournament.

Quarterfinal I
Wario vs. Link vs. Bowser vs. Mario

A no-brainer here.  Link and Mario are flagship Nintendo characters that even non-gamers are familiar with.

Quarterfinal II
Samus Aran vs. Gordon Freeman vs. Ryu (Street Fighter) vs. Pikachu

Pikachu advances because it’s the most popular Pokemon in the history of that franchise.  Like Mario, non-gamers know who Pikachu is.  It was harder to decide who would also advance.  Ryu is out because he might be the face of Street Fighter, but when was the last time fighting games were cool?  Mid-90’s?  Gordon has had two good games (and some follow-up episodes) but so has Samus.  Samus advances, thanks to her longevity.  That, and when you can take 10 years off (rough estimate of the time between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime) from making games and still star in a good series…you deserve to advance.

On a side-note, it’s amazing that Pikachu got voted out in the quarterfinals of the GameFAQs tournament.  Samus Aran and Crono (from Chrono Trigger) have nowhere near the name recognition, but both advanced.  Democracy really sucks when people are complete boobs.

Quarterfinal III
Donkey Kong vs. Solid Snake vs. Yoshi vs. Cloud Strife

Donkey Kong and Snake advance.  Yoshi is popular but after the original Super Mario World, Yoshi has become little more than a Mario supporting character.  Donkey Kong is going the same route, sadly, although he had his own critically-acclaimed series (Donkey Kong Country).  Yoshi was a co-star at best.  Cloud has gotten this far (and always advances in the GameFAQs tournament finals) because he is not an interesting character, but because he stars in a popular game.  If anyone needs proof, just look how far Vincent Valentine got in the GameFAQs battle.  Cloud goes because he is not as iconic as Donkey Kong or as developed as Snake…and no additional sales figures for Final Fantasy VII or spin-off of that game will change that.

Quarterfinal IV
Big Boss vs. Master Chief vs. Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Kratos

Master Chief and Sonic easily advance.  Master Chief has helped Halo sell as well as it did, even though he’s little more than the average bad-ass action hero.  Sonic has been the mascot for Sega since the days of the Genesis.  Big Boss could have usurped the Chief if he had been well-developed prior to Metal Gear Solid 3:  Snake Eater.  Before that, he was nothing more than recurring boss or plot device.  Kratos, while all sorts of awesome, just can’t match up with the Chief or Sonic.

The semi-finals of my take on the tournament will be posted on Wednesday.  The character battle itself will be resolved this week.  If you really want to, you can catch up on the three previous rounds here, here and here.

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