How the GameFAQs Character Battle Should Have Went: Part III

We now return to your regularly-scheduled ranting…

Round 2 (well, 3, but that’s the numbering system they are going by) of the tournament is now completed.  How should it have went?  Let’s see.  Rules are the same as the previous two rounds.  Four contestants enter, two come out victorious.  In the GameFAQs battle, this becomes nothing more than a joke of a popularity contest.  Characters who should rightfully advance to the next round get eliminated by joke characters or characters that have no business advancing move on because of popularity alone, despite the fact they most likely starred in only one game.  Example, Donkey Kong got eliminated in the preliminaries this year but Cloud, the main character of a single Final Fantasy game and later movie star, moves on to the finals every year.

We eliminate the popularity contest and replace it with my criteria, which consists of prestige, longevity and popularity, and we get a more balanced outcome.  One last note, a blue color means that character advanced to the next round in the GameFAQs poll.

Division 1

Wario vs. Link vs. Duke Nukem vs. Altair

Division 2

Luigi vs. Bowser vs. Mario vs. Zelda

Division 3

Samus Aran vs. Ganondorf vs. Gordon Freeman vs. Scorpion

Division 4

Crono vs. Ryu (Street Fighter) vs. Alucard vs. Pikachu

Division 5

Donkey Kong vs. Mega Man vs. Ryu Hayabusa vs. Solid Snake

Division 6

Fox McCloud vs. Yoshi vs. Cloud Strife vs. Mewtwo

Division 7

Big Boss vs. Master Chief vs. Leon Kennedy vs. Dante

Division 8

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Sub-Zero vs. Kratos vs. Revolver Ocelot

Some commentary:  You can tell my critera has caused the results to differ substantially from the GameFAQs poll.  Division 7, which had Kirby and Dante advancing in the GameFAQs poll, looks different.

As for the results themselves, division 2 was the hardest to narrow down.  Luigi or Zelda could both be substitued over Bowser.  Luigi wasn’t chosen because he is neglected and why the Legend of Zelda is named after Zelda (when you play as Link the entire time) will always baffle me.  I chose not to advance Mega Man because this is his original incarnation, which until the recent release of Mega Man 9, had not had a real game released since the SNES.  I grudgingly chose Cloud over Fox or Mewtwo because Final Fantasy VII is popular and, I bet, has sold more than any Star Fox game.  Mewtwo is pretty prolific, having had his own movie and all, but he’s nowhere near Pikachu’s popularity and thus, does not deserve to move on.

One last thing, I’m picking the Patriots over the Jets for tonight’s game that no one will watch because it’s on the NFL Network.

There was a picture somewhere
It was a picture of you
Behind the smile I seemed to see you for the first time”

One thought on “How the GameFAQs Character Battle Should Have Went: Part III

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