Wealth Redistrubitionism Executed

A story I’ve been wanting to tell for a while but forget where I first heard it…  Anyway, it’s about wealth redistribution.

On his way to lunch, a man passed a homeless guy who was holding a “Vote Obama – I need the money” sign.  The man chuckles and continues on his way to his favorite local restaurant.  In that same restaurant, his server wore an Obama tie.  The man chuckles again and comes up with an idea to illustrate what exactly “wealth redistribution” is.

When the bill comes, the man decides not to tip the server.  The server is, of course, angry.  He demands to know why he is not being tipped.  The man tells him about Obama’s policy to redistribute wealth.  He points to the homeless man outside, saying he deserves the money more.  The man leaves the server seething.

The man goes outside and gives the tip to the homeless man, who is grateful.  When the man goes home, he realizes something.  The homeless man was grateful for money he did not earn but the server was angry that his money was given away, even though the homeless man needed it more.

The moral of the story?  Communism/Socialism/Wealth redistribution is easier said than accomplished.

If you let yourself go and open your mind
I’ll bet you’d be doing like me
And it ain’t so bad


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