Keep the Change

People warned about this kind of change…but no one cared or listened.  How long until buyer’s remorse sets in?  Even if it does, it may be too late to matter.

President-elect Barack Hussein Obama has unveiled some new plans at his .gov website.  The fact that he hasn’t even taken office yet and has his own government-affiliated website is unsettling enough, but perusing the site for his plans and ideas is even scarier.  One excerpt that really stood out can be read here (and also here, the .gov site can be unreliable).

Obama’s plan calls for mandatory community service for middle school, high school and college kids.  Middle and high school students get away with 50 hours of mandatory service, college kids get hit with 100 hours per year.  Wow…mandatory community service…  People who think this is a good idea either do not know what community service is or do not know the difference between “service” and “servitude”.

Barack Obama may think the Constitution is a flawed document, but it’s still the law of the land and cornerstone this country is built on.  Perhaps before enacting these policies, he should re-read the Thirteenth Amendment, which says, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Is this the change he was talking about?

One last Obama bashing note for the day.  When asked if he had spoken to any of the former Presidents, he responded with, “all of them , uh…that are living…uh…obviously.”  Sadly, the Obamessiah can not talk to the dead.  Once he realized how stupid that sounded, he made a crack at Nancy Reagen.  Most people won’t get the joke (mainly because its aimed at the wrong First Lady) but that didn’t cross Uh-bama’s mind.  The former first lady is currently recovering from a broken hip…but it’s nice enough to know our President-elect cares enough about her to make a joke at her expense.

Stay classy Barry.  Being “present” won’t be enough come January.

UPDATE:  News travels fast in today’s world and the people running Obama’s site found out that perhaps “mandatory community service” wasn’t the best way to phrase their plan.  The site has since been changed.  Read the full story here.

Your freedom is gone
He’s taken everything you ever had
But if you’re strong, you’ll survive
You’ve got to hold on
Open your eyes!


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