Obama in a Nutshell

I saw the following quote describing a blog being advertised. Immediately, I thought of Barack Hussein Obama and the mass number of hippies who think he’s the best choice for the Oval Office.

I don’t have the answers and I don’t have a plan…but I’ve got a few good ideas and the belief things will work out alright.”

Somehow, people think that is enough to lead. It is not. Ideas and beliefs are not the only things necessary for leadership. Execution of those ideas and necessary judgment are also requirements and Obama fails on both counts. This is a guy who has lied about everything; from his stance on abortion in the Illinois state congress to his tax plans. This is a guy who has nothing to show for his career except for a degree and two books. How ironic that he has taken the time to write two books, but not one article of legislation. Yet, he is a contender for one of the most prestigious offices on the planet. Liberals will cry about how some Presidents that have taken office have not had necessary experience. Perhaps not, but the argument does not revolve around experience alone. It revolves around accomplishments. And every President ever elected has had an accomplishment to point out. Obama has nothing.

This is a guy who has campaigned on the defeat and downfall of American troops in Iraq. What a patriot. In fact, he voted against the surge on the notion it would make conditions worse . The military has proven him wrong . Noticed how media coverage on Iraq has fallen in the past year or so? The biggest foreign policy issue in the last Congressional term and Obama was on the wrong side of the fence. Can any red-blooded American imagine this goof as commander-in-chief? Even his vice-president pick said Obama’s lack of judgment would land America in hot water. People harp on about George Bush’s terrible foreign policy but that is nothing compared to what Obama has planned.

The rest of the world may prefer Obama to John McCain but that’s because they realize how weak and inexperienced he is. Obama gets compared to John F. Kennedy often. What most people forget about Kennedy is that his foriegn policy was crap. Kennedy is responsible for both the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy’s ineptitude was exploited by our Cold War opponents, a fact that is overlooked due to his tragic assassination. Of course, countries like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and Iran support Obama. This is their chance to get even with America, just as the Soviets saw Kennedy in the same light 40 years ago! This is their chance to pursue their wants without regulation or intervention. Without American insistence, the rest of the world does not have the strength or courage to stand up and stop them.

What’s Obama going to do if Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons? Continue economic sanctions that have yet to deter the Iranians? Obama will attempt to negotiate with true evil rather than stand up and face it. He will be a combination Neville Chamberlain’s defeatist spirit with the idiocy of Jimmy Carter.

Obama has lied about his associations with left-wing radicals like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. He has lied about his associations with ACORN, an organization that specializes in voter fraud. In fact, if anyone exposes the truth of his relationships to these people, he works to shut them down. When he’s not using the Justice Department to shut down free speech, he shrugs it off with lame excuses. “That’s not the Jeremiah Wright I knew” and “I was only 8 when Bill was bombing government property.” He attended Church for twenty years and never heard any his preacher’s (many) anti-American rants? Who cares if he was only a kid when Ayers was committing acts of evil? Do you want your children, the future of society, shaking hands with al-Qaeda operatives forty years from now? After all, they were just kids when 9/11 happened…just like Obama was a kid when Ayers was bombing federal buildings. It’s bad enough that Obama thinks that is a decent argument but Ayers is unrepentant about his past. In fact, he wishes he had done more!

If people ignore all that (and how could they? It’s an impressive resume of suck) and elect this man, they’ll find out just how damaging his Presidency will be to our economy. The financial market is already bracing for four years of the man. Contrary to popular belief, higher taxes do not increase federal revenue. When taxes rise, people end up saving what money they do earn. That is not a recipe for economic growth. Tax cuts, on the other hand, allow citizens to spend their money on economic goods which will, shockingly, increase revenue and stimulate the economy. But hey, life should be fair, the government should be able to take your money and tell you how to spend it. Don’t buy into the farce that is his 95% tax cut, the Wall Street Journal has already busted that myth. This man will take your money in the name of fairness under the banner of socialism and redistribute it however he sees fit. Give the government an inch and they’ll take the yard. In an Obama presidency, the government will take quite a few yards, perhaps the entire field.

Then there’s his stance on health care, which he believes to be a right and not a responsibility or privilege. That is a very poisonous string of thought. If “free” health care is a right, what else is a right? Higher education? Shouldn’t everyone have the right to that too? Note the quotes because nothing is ever free. If such programs are enacted, how will he and Congress afford to pay for such programs?

The list can go on and on but these are major concerns surrounding a potential candidate. These are also concerns that have not been addressed by the mainstream media, who have decided that investigating the personal lives of Sarah Palin and a plumber from Ohio are more newsworthy.

Barack Hussein Obama has run on the slogan of hope and change…because after four years, that’s all you will have left. Hell, that’s all he has to offer.


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