Saints Row 2 Impressions

I may be the only person who prefers Saints Row to Grand Theft Auto.  Don’t get me wrong, GTA is great fun but there are some serious flaws with it.  Things like the plot (usually uninteresting and, worst of all, you have to progress through the story to be able to go everywhere you want), flight controls and hard missions detract from GTA‘s greatness.  I’ve never beat San Andreas because I could never learn how to fly a plane, which is essential to the plot for reasons I never got to find out.

Still, it was all we got in that genre.  Only certain RPGs could rival the “freedom” GTA provided.  Imitators like True Crime fell flat, leaving GTA without a challenger or good-enough imitator.

Then Saints Row came out for the Xbox 360.  Saints Row is nothing more than GTA ripoff, but a fun one!  Saints Row took GTA‘s flaws and fixed them.  Hard controls?  None whatsoever.  In fact, drive-bys can be done in this game!  Same for driving and shooting at the same time.  Missions were not too hard but if one was, you could always restart it from the beginning.  In GTA, if you fail a mission, you have to drive all the way back to where it started.

In short, Saints Row is fun and with a second game coming out, hell yes I’m hooked!

You think you can steal from me!?  You think you can fucking rob me!?  You stupid!  Fucking!  Backstabbing!  Piece!  Of shit!  …Hey, what’s up?  I’m sorry about the mess.  Billy here thought it would be a good idea to skim off the top…well, let’s just say he was wrong.


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