*cue Mortal Kombat joke*

Oh, and this is random and not as refined as posts here usually are.  See?  That’s not even coherent.  Anyway…

Friendship is one of those things that’s defined in the dictionary (a rather lame definition) but even so, it’s hard to explain.  It’s one of those things people don’t think too much about…and probably shouldn’t.  I’ve been trying to figure out just who is a friend and what makes them so for quite some time now.  Here’s some examples that are bothering me lately.

I saw Brandon up at Blue Ridge the other day.  That’s the first time I’d seen him since last semester (April, at the latest).  He said if he’d hug if it wasn’t gay.  Brandon’s cool, but never hung out with him a whole lot outside of school…even though he was just a short drive away in Grottoes.  *shurg*  Then I met up with this girl I hadn’t seen since middle school.  Or high school.  She didn’t recognize me at first but once I told her who I was, she actually give me a hug.  It was damn weird.  Was she just being nice or did she actually miss me?  I’m going with the former.  I met up with another two girls from middle/high school in an English class last year.  It was more of a “Hey, how are you, okay let’s get back to work” reaction instead of a hug.

I also saw Phil had posted (twice) on my old Myspace that I’ve lost the password to (and also lost the e-mail address that sends the reset password to).  I thought he had left town and went out of state.  I owe him a visit, but would he mind me just showing up at random?

Another thing:  people get really pissed when I tell them we’re not friends.  It’s not that I don’t like them (well…most of the time) but it’s that I don’t see them every often.  Right now, my criteria for friendship involves people I like and people I spend time with.  There are a few people I know that I like but don’t ever talk to.  Ever.  Are they friends?  Should I make exceptions to the rule?  Should I give them a call instead of expecting them to call me?  Can I stop think of annoying questions to ask?

Usually, I let my friends take the initiative.  I’m not really that busy and have tons of free time.  Everyone else I know seems to be busy, whether it’s college or work or any sort of extra-curricular activity.  If I call them, I’m interrupting with their schedule.  Besides, they have other friends that are worth hanging out with more than me.  That doesn’t bother me, just something I note.  They work and earn money, which is also more important than friendship.  Hell, if it’s college, at least they’re getting an education or working for a future.  I damn well don’t want to interfere with that.

I’ve ran out of things to ramble about.  Anyway, there’s a reason why I have the quote listed below.

My brain’s not a nice place to be.


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