Bridgewater Visit

The second (and maybe last) of the college visits was yesterday.  Unlike EMU, Bridgewater was planned at the last minute…like this week.  So, the schedule was a mess.  Another interesting tidbit was that my schedule was reversed, with the exception of a class visit because there wasn’t one.  So, instead of touring campus before meeting with the department head, the reverse happened.

One thing that would have helped Bridgewater would have been a class visit.  I’d have gotten a better look at the teacher I met with (can’t pronounce or remember his name) and some insight into Bridgewater’s education.  As a result, the department professor I met with didn’t seem too exciting.  I also did not have too many questions for him, like I did for the EMU professor.

After meeting with the department head, I waited almost an hour for the tour…and it was a long tour.  Bridgewater’s campus is significantly bigger than EMU’s.  That tour was over an hour, at least.  We even went inside some of the dorms, which put me off from living on campus.  Once again, there was a cute tour guide.  Actually, there were two…a guy who wasn’t.  Three tour guides but two out of three isn’t bad.  EMU was one-for-one, though…

Bridgewater doesn’t get a long write-up because I found something about EMU that was really annoying.  Bridgewater, I didn’t find enough information to steer me one way or the other.  They steered me towards the open house they have, which I’m not terribly interested in.  I’ll still put them over EMU but only because EMU has fallen out of favor.

Life is dangerous and complicated and…it’s a long way down.


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