EMU Visit

The first of the college visits was yesterday.  EMU had a really nice schedule planned out and it was…all right.  EMU did not convince me their school was worth going to and is not my top choice anymore, but it was an enjoyable day…despite the weather.

I had looked over the schedule beforehand but was totally unaware that I had a tour guide for the campus tour.  Even more surprising, it was a student and not a faculty member or the like.  She did a good job putting the campus map in my head, pointing out where everything is and giving a brief rundown on information concerning a certain area.  Oh, and she was mega-cute too.  Having a smart, attractive woman pal around with a prospective visitor for half an hour is a great way to convince someone to attend a college.  Hell, it almost convinced me!

The meat of a college, though, is the education…and it wasn’t too satisfying.  Sure, it’s only one class but that is the impression.  The teacher was passable but talking with her later revealed some nice tidbits about EMU’s education.  This teacher is also a member of the history department, history being the major I’m most interested in.  Since I’m not planning on teaching, a history major limits most of what I can do.  While fine, EMU also passes over a few events that are probably important to teach.  Their pacifist beliefs restrict what they can teach.  They gloss over the American Civil War, for instance, for more social and cultural events.  Well, what causes social and cultural events?  What events truly leave a mark on history?  You can’t leave war and violence out of that discussion.  Those two are also the reason I got into history in the first place and I have considerable interest in them, so a school that glosses over them is just jading.

While we’re on the subject of pacifism, it just reminded me what I’d be dealing with every day…philosophies and beliefs I don’t believe in or find logically appealing.  My friends have downplayed this a bit, saying it’s not as intense as the high school.  Now, I realize they say this because (a) they already believe in those ideas anyway and (b) those who say it’s not as intense usually didn’t care to begin with.  I went to EMHS because I couldn’t get homeschooled and hated public school.  I also had a good time in spite of hearing beliefs that aren’t rationally sound.  The difference between then and now is that I didn’t really have an alternative in high school.  Sure, public school was always a possibility but never one I seriously considered because of too many negatives.  EMHS had many positives to outweight that one (huge) negative.  EMU could be the same but now, I have alternatives.

After going to a class and meeting with the instructor, I had a good conversation with the director of housing.  In spite of recent events, living on campus isn’t as appealing as it once was.  Even now, the idea of having a suite with Steve, Dustin and Gabe is looking bleak because Dustin’s cross-cultural is next year.  Besides, I have my own house now.  Gas would suck but having the freedom of my own home is totally worth it.  Still don’t want the price to rise, though…

Overall, it was an enjoyable visit.  Too many negatives, though.  I think I’d enjoy Bridgewater’s educational envirionment more, but still need to visit them.  UVA is still a long shot and probably won’t visit them, but damn, it would be awesome to get in.  While EMU’s social scene might be top notch, it’s not a priority.  Friends are nice and I have a bunch going to EMU, but I don’t want my future decided by “I want to spend two years with friends.”  I want my future decided by educational opportunities.  Isn’t that the whole point of college?

Current College Standings
Finish college with an associate’s degree

I’m really glad that worked, those would have been terrible last words.


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