D&D Session 3

Belenus falls dead once the party is through questioning him.  The shadowy figure the party has been seeing the past two days heads off into the distance, telling the party not to camp at the stone ring for the night…”for their own good”.  The party now has a sense of direction.  Belenus provided the names of the Storm sisters; Dorean, Elysia and Nevada.  Each are located in a region of Albion (Celt, Mercia and Scotia respectively) and, although they are not members of the druid’s circle, they do hold considerable clout.

The party takes the shadow’s advice and returns to Amesbury abbey with the freed informants (with Belenus’ body in tow).  Come morning, the informants are feeling better after nearly being sacrificed the night before.  They provide any additional information the party couldn’t get out of Belenus and then some.  They reveal that the druids were able to find out who they really were, even though both of them could speak druidic and didn’t have Alasteir’s tattoo branded on them.  The informants were supposed to be imprisioned but were kidnapped by some loons who wanted to sacrafice them on the spring equinox.  Luc speculates that there is a druid prison nearby, but the party decides to stay focused on their main objectives.

The players decide to go after Dorean.  Dorean is located on Anglesey island in the Celt region of Albion.  The informants suggested she would be the easiest to find, although Elysia is closer.  Anglesey island was the site of a mass battle between the Alliance and druids of Albion nearly 1,000 years ago.  It culminated with the forested island being torched and numerous deaths on both sides, although the druids definitely came out on the losing end.  The druids spent much of the next millenia replanting and recultivating the land there.  Why Dorean is there, the informants don’t know.  They do speculate that the island’s history may be reason enough.  The party sets out immediately…

GM’s Note:  There were a few encounters along the way I threw at the players, just to see what all they would bite at.  They ended up biting at almost everything.  Most notable of all was the Coach and Horses tavern, which they bought.  They also found out about a ghost ship and a map detailing where it will be traveling.  This is also where session 3 ended.  At the beginning of session 4, Luc explored an abanonded dwarf quarry while Maverick and Herschel went fairy-hunting in the nearby forest.  When they regrouped and headed off to Anglesey Island, they defeated a druid masquerading as a bear.  They get no useful information out of the druid.

After 18 days of travel, the party finally reaches the Bluerock Lodge.  The Bluerock Lodge is on the outskirts of Bangor, a small port village.  From Bangor, the party can reach Anglesey Island.  On their last day of travel, though, they come across a dead body…

To Be Continued

Sessions 3 & 4 were supposed to be one session…but ended up being two because of some difficulties getting together.  The great thing about playing D&D in high school was that it was easy to organize these things.  Everyone knows what everyone else is doing, at least work-wise.  There might be a few people who work but nothing major.  College changes that.  With all of us going to different schools, it’s tough being on the same page.  Anyway, session 4 will be up next week.  Hopefully, it’ll be better written.

In other news, Gabe’s thinking about DMing.  If he goes through with it, it’ll be interesting to play.  Let’s hope it’s not a one-shot either…if it even gets off the ground.


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