The Supporting Cast

This was supposed to be up earlier, but I got lazy after I got back from class.  Then I watched Rudy Giulani and Sarah Palin kick all kind of ass at the GOP convention.  If there was a reason to vote Republican, Sarah Palin would be it.


There are many NPCs in the world, but here’s a few the party has met.  On a side note, Gabe fleshed out an ordinary shopkeeper.  Instead of being a vendor for general store products, he was a vendor for general store products with an annoying kid who wanted a pony.  Since the party spent about 80 gold in his shop, he ended up buying the kid the pony anyway.  Future plot line…the kid grows up to be really spoiled as a result, so the vendor hires the PCs to discipline the kid!

Name:  Gamros
Race:  Human
Class:  Cleric

One of Pelor’s many clerics, Gamros was kidnapped from his home in the Amesbury Abbey.  held in captivity by Ianamoros, along with Maverick and Caine.  Herschel wasn’t required to rescue him but did so, proving that he’s an all right guy…once you get past the fact he’s a sociopathic assassin.  Gamros has traveled with the group ever since.  He doesn’t take part in actual fights, but is always ready to cast a heal spell.  Strangely enough, he has not expressed any interest in returning to the Abbey.  Also, why he was imprisoned is unknown.

On a side note, I completely glossed over his return to the abbey last session.  The party rested there for an hour, but one would think after being kidnapped…his brethren would be glad he’s back.  We’ll just retcon the whole scenario by saying he was in a hurry, as was the rest of the party.

Name:  Alasteir
Race:  Half-Elf
Class:  Upper (get it?)

Not much is known about this half-elf noble.  He’s hired Hershel for two jobs now and is paying good money to see those missions accomplished.  Curiously, he wanted Maverick and Caine alive, but made no mention of Gamros.  Alasteir has a lot of influence and power but is relatively unheard of.  How a noble could have so much power and influence…but remain a relative engima is a mystery.  A mystery that will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Fine, I’ll do all the actual work.  As usual.


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