The Players

I mentioned them briefly last time, but one sentence isn’t enough to provide background.  So here’s the cast of characters (listed in alphabetical order) for our latest campaign!

Name:  Hershel
Race:  Human
Class:  Rogue
Played by Ian

A 6’2, 160 lb. male cloaked in black leather armor, Hershel definitely fits the profile for “intimidating figure”.  He was taken as an infant by bandits and raised in their camp.  The bandits trained him in their trade, a trade Hershel learned quickly.  In fact, the bandits may have trained him too well…because once the boy matured, he slaughtered them all.  Ever since that bloody night, Hershel has worked as a hired assassin.

Hershel was recruited by Alasteir to rescue Caine and Maverick and to assassinate whoever was holding them prisoner.  The first session had Hershel complete his objectives, which no doubt pleased his employer.  Impressed with the results, Alasteir hired Hershel (as well as the rest of the party) for the current hit on the druids.

Name:  Luc Arbogast
Race:  Human
Class:  Fighter
Played by Gabe

The party’s newest addition (pronounced “Luke” not “Luck”) is the son of a blacksmith from the Ascalon region.  The second son in a decent-sized family of seven, Luc was one of the many in the realm gripped by the “adventurer’s fever”.  This is not an illness, but rather, a desire to move out from cities/settlements and explore the world (which had been halted by a near 200 year dark age).  Luc adventures for many of the traditional reasons; notably for fun, knowledge, money, self-improvement…plus, his father was an adventurer before him, so it could be in his blood.  His travels have taken him to Albion, an island nation separated from mainland Eutopia by the Corelleon Channel.

Luc was introduced last session when Caine, Gabe’s old character, left the group.  Tackling the druids with only three people (none of them worthy of being frontline fighters) was a recipe for disaster, so Luc was recruited.  Luc is a fighter but is built more like a ranger (he specializes in archery, wears studded leather), so it’ll be interesting to see how their tactics and how they take down their enemies.

Name:  Maverick
Race:  Human
Class:  Sorcerer
Played by Steve

Maverick is the sole survivor of a necromancer purge (even if it isn’t banned, necromancy is always frowned upon).  While his home village was sacked, Maverick fled into the surrounding wilderness.  It was there he was eventually found by a wizard.  Despite the wizard being a hermit, he raised the boy as his own.  He also noticed the boy had a natural aptitude for magic.  Because sorcerers don’t need to learn how to cast magic, the big question for them is learning how to control their innate abilities.  Luckily for Maverick, the wizard taught him how to control those abilities.  Unluckily for Maverick, tragedy struck again.  He returned home one day to find that the royal guard had slain his mentor.  Maverick has traveled ever since, perhaps coming to Albion where magicians are tolerated…thanks to the presence of the Arcane Order.

Maverick was captured by the wizard Ianamoros and held in captivity along with Caine and Gamros.  All three were subject to the wizard’s sick experiments, but were rescued by Hershel.  Free of his bonds, the group killed Ianamoros before heading back to the capital city to recuperate.  Alasteir wanted Maverick and Caine alive so they could help Hershel with his next target, the druids.

GM’s Note:  Steve has more of a fighter mentality, so it’s interesting he decided to play sorcerer.  The idea of him playing a spellcasting class came about when I joked he could “fireball Gabe and Ian while they are in melee combat”.  This might be why both Gabe and Ian have their characters built around ranged combat…

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce the NPCs they’ve met so far.

That’s the most retarded thing ever, Coby.


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