BRCC Act 3

First impressions of the semester are positive.  I’m not on campus as much because most of my classes are online/hybrid.  The one class I do have to attend is a history class that I just might because it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.  Work’s not too bad either, although it has only been one day.

While this is good, there was one slag.  I dropped geography because of my teacher.  He went on an anti-Bush rant that lasted at least half an hour.  I’m not Bush’s biggest supporter, but when your teacher tells you that there’s only three ways to look at him (he’s either stupid, evil or has good intentions…and he only added the third as an afterthought)…well, it’s time to leave.

And the guy is a total Obama shill.  He tried to remain objective by making a half-assed comment about Obama’s tendency for flip-flopping but his true colors were revealed a minute or two later.  McCain crushed Obama at the recent debate, but this guy defended Obama’s answer when he was asked by evil.  The instructor said Obama gave an explicit answer that was drowned out because it was “too boring” compared to McCain’s answer (which was just “defeat it”).  The reality, of course, is different.  McCain did say he would defeat evil, but cited al-Quida as his example.  Obama, however, spoke about evil in America.  Obama also said eliminating evil was God’s task (in other words, impossible for us) and that we should have some humility in confronting it.  That kind of logic is what allows evil to be what it is.  If you don’t confront evil, what is to stop it from growing?  No wonder the Democrat party has its pro-surrender reputation.

Oh, and he hinted that the only reason Bush won the ’04 election was because people were too scared to vote against him.  People didn’t trust Kerry to run the nation…which had less to do with fear and more with John Kerry being a shitty candidate.  And much to the distaste of the Democrats, foriegn policy factors into several issues this campaign…something they failed (or didn’t care) to consider when they placed all their eggs in the Obama basket.

There’s some more I could go on about but the kids in the class weren’t any better.  When the instructor told us that Bush is either stupid, evil or that “his intentions were good”, someone chimed in about Hell or something.  “Well, they had good intentions” was along the lines of the comment.  It used to be only the fringe that would openly call a member of our government “evil” or even hint at it.  Years of anti-Bush sentiments have changed that.

It’s not surprising that we were talking about the recent events in Georgia (the nation, not the state) when this came up.  The majority of the people in class were silent (they’re coming to class to get an education, not a rant) but the ones that weren’t sided with Russia.  Maybe one or two people sided with Georgia.  Most of the class disagreed with Bush’s policy and enjoyed bashing him with tired jokes that we’ve been hearing since…when did Bush become hated?  2003?

Again, while I’m not Bush’s biggest supporter (while he has many flaws, his foreign policy is not one of them), Congress has a lower approval rating than he does…but you don’t ever hear any jokes about them.  The criticism is always directed at Bush.

The good thing about the next election is whoever wins, at least people will have someone new to target.  Anyway, it was a major criticism I had this week but the situation was rectified.  Best of all, I get a full refund and a shorter schedule out of the deal.

Give me a HELL!  Give me a YEAH!
Stand up right now!

One thought on “BRCC Act 3

  1. I suppose that’s a good way of looking at everything.Teachers ranting about different subjects that much gets old really fast for me, especially when they don’t pay much attention to the other side of the story.Oh and Pineapple Express sucked in the trailer. It looked boring as hell when I saw it and the only reason I went to watch it is because I kept hearing good things about it and a few other people wanted to go as well. The Batman movie had way too much attention from the media and everything, which is why it looked so good to people (a reason other than them being fans of Batman himself) and that’s why everyone wanted to see it and were counting down to the day it opens. Pineapple Express, on the other hand, is just the average movie that people don’t care enough to fuss over.Personally, I thought the movie was good but the hype over it is insane! There’s no way it was good enough to make me watch it twice.Kind of reminds me of the hype over the Harry Potter movies. All the countdowns and insanity that goes on before it comes out.Difference is, Harry Potter actually lives up to the expectations while Batman isn’t quite there (in my opinion at least).


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