Policy…Plus! Ranting and Raving!

Turns out Year Five will not start off with any kind of review.  Instead, I took a week off.  Because I deserved it wanted to.  Besides, I went to the beach two weeks ago now so it’d be irrelevant and irrelevancy is not good writing.  If you’re really curious, all I did was play (and eventually beat) Assassin’s Creed.  Awesome game, more on that later.

Speaking of all things irrelevant, I thought this dynasty was.  This is not a diary or a journal or a blog.  No, henceforth, this Xanga will be titled a “dynasty”.  Because dynasties are more manlier than diaries.  Plus, it sounds cooler.

Anyway, I was surprised I still had readers, much less people who’d comment!  I thought the “views” count near each entry served as kind of a counter for how many hits this dynasty got.  Every entry had “1 view”, which would be me.  Naturally, I thought since I was the only one “viewing” the site, I concluded that I was the only one reading.  Then I got…6 more views for the latest entry, but none for the others.  So, those “views” only count for single entries…what a shame.  What’s even weirder is that it was a random surge of views.

OK, enough rambling.

The point of today’s post is that the person who did comment (Tanya) did so, despite the fact I had removed her from the subscribers list.  Bless her soul.  First off, my dynasty is near-impossible to find (or so I believe).  It doesn’t show up in searches and I don’t ever link to it.  So, not only am I impressed she bothered to comment, but she managed to find the site again.  It’s not terribly hard to remember, but I’ve had people have sorts of trouble recalling it (and most of those people had this problem when I was always on AIM…the joke here being my user name is the same).

She commented and I feel all sorts of bad for taking her off the subscribers list a year ago.  I have an unwritten policy about that.  People who subscribe to my site, but don’t comment or update their own sites for a certain period of time (three months, though it changes depending on a number of variable I won’t get into) will get taken off the subscribers list.  Why?  Because not only are you not reading what I’m doing, but you’re not telling me how you’re doing.  Does it annoy you when you friend people on Myspace or Facebook…and then they never talk to you?  It sure as hell annoys me.  Kind of defeats the point of being “friends”, ya know?

I’ll amend that policy for miss Tanya but it still stands.  Anyway, it’s just something I wanted to point out…in case people are wondering why they no longer are subscribed to my site (I used to have more…like around 20, now it’s about 9).  Nothing personal but if you’re not reading or writing yourself…you’re just wasting my time.  I’m apparently wasting yours.  Or maybe they don’t care.  And maybe I should start not caring too.  Sure, I could just leave the subscribers alone (since it’s not killing me or anything) but it doesn’t hurt to remove them either.

In other news, the Raiders won their first pre-season game!  The team looks really good this year, the first time I’ve been optimistic about the team since 2003.  Just win, baby!  …Seriously, now’s a good time.

I believe there was a book that claimed the world was created in seven days.  Best-seller too!

One thought on “Policy…Plus! Ranting and Raving!

  1. Well since I live in Canada, it’s pretty much a few of the big universities in Ontario. I really despise the thought of going to college (which is unexplainable so far because I have no major reason for not wanting to go) but I’m thinking of all the options and will probably apply to a couple of colleges just to be safe and then apply to about 5 universities that I think would be good. I’m not sure if it’s worth mentioning the names since you don’t live here. =/My top choice is University of Waterloo though. A lot of it has to do with the fact that (other than being a good school) it’s far enough for me to move out and close enough to still be able to visit without being annoyed because of the distance.On to your post…Ahh yes I was wondering why I stopped getting emails with updates on what you posted. I figured it was about me not going on for a while.Either way, I understand where you’re coming from and I’d probably do the same if I had kept up with this more.It’s pretty weird because ever since I said “I won’t promise to update”, I’ve been wanting to update, haha jeez.ANYWAY, this is a lot of rambling but basically, I think everyone would understand the logic behind you getting rid of subscribers and I don’t think people are mad about it (if they are then they’re kinda weird and should just… stop it).ALSO, when it comes to the way I found you, there’s only one explanation!I just have skills, that’s all. :)But no. I did have a hard time finding this but I was like “ahh God damn this is the only person who ever updates and makes the posts worth reading. I must do this!” Haha then it took me a few minutes to remember the name. Then I googled it and guess what I got? “immortal_daemon’s Xanga Site” which is just soo weird because I typed out the full name of your site and it gave me something totally different!! But I was still fine with it since I could find you there anyway. I should get an award for stalking this well… or a restraining order.


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