Year Four

Can you believe I’ve been writing in here for four years?  Well, it’s not too hard to sit on your ass for a few minutes and write but whatever…anyway, I guess it’s an accomplishment…or something.

This “year” ended with a bang too with the thunderstorm from hell.  Someone told me a tornado touched down near here (which is weird enough, because this is rather mountainous terrain).  It brought hail, rain and an appetite for destruction.  Trees are down, power’s out in town, it’s a huge mess.

Year Five starts with the next entry.  Maybe a review of the beach (which wasn’t too bad but I still would have preferred going another time) or a review of the year?

Bang bang!

One thought on “Year Four

  1. You know, that really is an accomplishment.I can’t keep up with my blog to save my life and I think you’re pretty much the only person who has updated this thing regularly.Be proud of yourself, haha.


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