PM 2008: Candidate Creation II

Once you’ve edited your candidate’s background and characteristics, you move on to issues.  There are 50 issues in the game overall.  These include the big ones (gas prices, Iraq, illegal immigration) to the lesser-tier ones (capital punishment, affirmative action) to joke issues (crackdown on paparazzi, uncovering alien conspiracy).  Here’s a full list…

A Living Wage
A Strong Federal Government
A Strong Military
Abortion Rights
Addressing Climate Change
Affirmative Action
Alternative Energy
Banning Public Smoking
Big Government
Capital Punishment
Clean Coal Technology
Crackdown on Paparazzi
Deficit Reduction
Drilling in ANWR
Expanding Ethanol Production
Farm Subsidies
Federal Education
Fixing Mortgage Disaster
Fixing Obesity Crisis
Fuel Efficiency Standards
Gay Marriage
Gun Control
Harsh Interrogations
High Gas Prices
Homeland Security
Illegal Immigration
Improving the Economy
Invasion of Iraq
Katrina Relief
Kyoto Treaty
Law Enforcement
Legalize Marijuana
Missile Defense Shield
More Jobs
Outsourcing of Jobs
School Vouchers
Social Security
Supporting Israel
Tax Cuts
The Environment
The War on Terror
Tort Reform
Uncovering Alien Conspiracy
Universal Health Care
Video Game Violence
Withdrawing from Iraq

You’re given a measly 100 points to determine your campaign platform.  This gives you the option of taking many lukewarm stances or a few strong ones.  The issues are measured on a +/- axis.  + means you support, – means you oppose.  And while you won’t be able to give your candidate many strong stances at the start (at least, not without editing game files…which isn’t a bad idea when Obama gets 170 points for his views), you will be able to by campaigning.  For example, if you go around the country, speaking out (and creating ads) against illegal immigration, it will become a key focus of your campaign.

Of course, your views are only one part of the puzzle.  If your views are consistent with your political party’s, you risk alienating your base.  A Democrat that opposes Withdrawing from Iraq might garner some Republican votes, but they’ll turn off their liberal base.  The trick is to keep the views of your party in mind, but at the same time, going after the independent voters.  The views of independent voters vary from state to state and the importance they place on issues can shift through speeches and ads.

Political views also change with endorsements.  Being endorsed by the NRA (or whatever its name is because the game slightly alters them) will net a -15 change to your Gun Control position, for example.  Of course, you can campaign for gun control, get endorsed by the NRA and continue calling for gun control…but this risks alienating voters.  Endorsements largely lie along party lines.  There’s 10 in the game, 5 for each party.  The NRA is an endorsement Republican candidates should aim at getting, but with a bit of work, Democrat candidates can cross over and win it too.  This goes for any endorsement.

This provides some humor.  It’s hilarious to see Obama win the endorsement from the Christian lobby…after he’s gotten the Planned Parenthood endorsement and, even with the Christians on his side, he continues to campaign for abortion rights.  Just because he has a higher Religious characteristic than me doesn’t mean he’s worth endorsing…  But hey, at least he goes to church and that’s more important…right?

In other news, the resolution on my computer is really fucked up for some reason.

…In America.


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