Fun with Snake Eater

One of the reasons I love Metal Gear Solid 3:  Snake Eater so much is because of all the cool easter eggs in the game.  Little things that make the game fun.  Some of the humor is based on the time period (the game takes place in 1964) and also pokes fun at other installments in the series (such as making fun of the Metal Gear concept).

Anyway, here’s some videos of most of the humorous stuff in the game.

Part I:  Includes the tuxedo, the mask (beat the crap out of him!), the Patriot, and the sneaking suit (those are some funky clothes you’re wearing).

Part II:  Includes the scientist camo, the croc cap, and the tsuchinoko.

Part III:  The cardboard box convo, The End dies of old age, the Russian glowcap.

Part IV:  Sigint’s shitty dream, Johnny, the transmitter, and fun with EVA.

Too bad they don’t have the naked camo conversation…ah well.

They’d have to be a fool.  No, more than a fool — a complete dumbass.


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