MGS4: Another Perfect 10

Over a month ago, I criticized Gamespot giving Grand Theft Auto IV a perfect 10 score.  Despite the fact it doesn’t do anything terribly new and has some flaws, the site gave the game a perfect score.  Anyway, whatever.  GTA IV doesn’t top my list of things to buy.  I’ll get it when it’s not $60…maybe.

Now, they’ve given Metal Gear Solid 4:  Guns of the Patriots a perfect 10.  I like Metal Gear Solid and I’ll definitely end up buying a PS3 for the game, but a perfect game?  C’mon…

The biggest flaw with the Metal Gear Solid games has always been the cutscenes.  “It’s more of an interactive movie than a game!”  “Metal Gear Solid was the best game I ever watched!” etc.  Sons of Liberty had a notorious scene that went 45 minutes.  That’s 45 minutes that the player has to watch instead of play the game.  Guns of the Patriots is rumored to have a 90 minute sequence (not confirmed, but watching some Youtube videos, there are several sequences that approach the 45 minute mark).  Fans will defend this, saying you can always skip the scenes.  You could, but then the player misses out on story details.  If someone points this out, fans will then tell you that’s what the cutscenes are for.  …Not that I have a problem with it, but there’s a solid number of gamers who do.

Like GTA IV, I’m sure the new Metal Gear game will be all kinds of fun.  I was going to get it, regardless of the score.  And I’m glad it’s gotten such nice reviews…but does it deserve the perfect score?  No way.

Where’s Snake?”
“Who knows?  That guy always keeps you waiting.


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