D&D: Player Survey II

Before I say anything else, I’ll just say Xanga tags really suck.  I tried tagging the last post as “D&D” and it spit out “dd”.  *sigh*

In addition to the other survey I give my players, I give them another questionnaire.  This one is geared more towards role-playing.  It’ll give me an overview of their character, as well as help them get an idea of just who their character is.  Some players don’t really care about their characters.  They’ll roll stats but they just want treasure, loot and want to be the best.  Meh…  I am in no position to tell people how to play their games but I dislike that mindset.  Why do these characters want treasure and loot?  It’s a role-playing game, so play a role!

It’s also cooler that when players do get that cool treasure, they have an awesome story (hopefully) to back it up.


Name?  Obviously, the character’s name.

Race?  The character’s race…

Class?  Self-explanatory…

Age?  See above…

Appearance?  What does this character look like?  As an example, the guy I blatantly stole borrowed these questions from stated what I’m looking when he said, “Elf female is not an appearance.  A green-eyed elven female with shiny brown hair and a stout build for her race, wearing a deep purple-hooded cloak and the brown leather work outfits common to most northern villages IS an appearance.”

Origin?  A PC should know where they came from…or at least, state why they don’t.  If my players truly don’t care, I can craft one up for them…but that’s not fun for them and (I think) it feels like they’re playing an NPC.  All the player did was generate his attributes, I’m generating the very reason the character exists!

Background?  The character’s life story.  This ties in with their origin.  It also (usually) ties in with their character class.  How and why did they decide to follow the path they did?

Motivations?  Why is this character adventuring and what do they hope to accomplish?

Personality?  How does the character relate to others?

They are taking the Hobbits to Isengard!


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