Grand Theft Auto IV: The Perfect 10

IGN and Gamespot have given Grand Theft Auto IV a perfect 10 score.  IGN, I could care less about.  IGN always rates games higher than their rival reviewers.  Gamespot, on the other hand, is one of the sites I check the most.  While I don’t rely on them for reviews as much anymore, I still read them.  Gamespot also tends to be harder on games than most critics.  Reviews that are more critical are usually the objective ones.

Gamespot has only given out a handful of perfect 10 games.  GTA IV has joined an elite group that consists of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time, Chrono Cross, Soul Calibur and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.  Checking out the full list of reviews shows a lot of games that have come close.  Maybe Gamespot wasn’t as hard as I thought?

Anyway, GTA IV getting a perfect ten?  Despite the fact there are flaws listed in the review?  A perfect game should be just that; flawless.  But the review lets “occasional problems with friendly AI” and “minor visual quirks” slide.  It’s akin to giving a student an A+ when they clearly got a question or two wrong.  Unlike tests in school, there’s no extra credit that can up the score here.  Grand Theft Auto IV simply isn’t deserving of the perfect mantle (and for the record, I’d argue no game that has ever been made is perfect).  Unless GTA IV has done away with the multiple problems that plagued Grand Theft Auto on the PS2, a perfect grade is just silly.

Has the gameplay been revamped in a revolutionary way?  Grand Theft Auto always had that silly idea of replaying the mission over and over until you clear it.  I can’t stand that kind of gameplay.  Something that should take a few minutes ends up taking two or three times as long.  Replaying the same mission over and over isn’t fun, it’s asinine.  In fact, I never beat San Andreas because I never learned how to fly the damn plane.  Has the gameplay been overhauled to deal with this?  Has the AI been retooled?  Is there something I can do to change the difficulty?  On a side note, the driving camera was always a bit iffy.

This isn’t arguing Grand Theft Auto IV isn’t fun.  All the other GTA games were fun and this looks to be just as much so.  If GTA IV was graded solely on fun factor, a perfect 10 would be an understatement.  But when it comes to critiquing a game based on gameplay, graphics, sound, replay value and a host of other issues…a perfect ten is wrong.

Some last notes…  A fairer analysis of Grand Theft Auto IV can be found here.  In fact, I’d recommend Game Revolution over the majority of gaming sites.  And despite Saint’s Row being a nothing more than a carbon copy, it’s way better than Grand Theft Auto.

Is it better to be feared or respected?  I say, is it too much to ask for both?

3 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto IV: The Perfect 10

  1. I’ve played it. It’s pretty sweet but……. not perfect 10.Gameplay is still flawed. There are tons of new features (cover, blind fire, context-sensitive interaction) but nothing feels absolutely amazing, as is the case with most sandbox games.The biggest flaw is the controls. DAAAAAAMN they suck. The car physics are also terrible, which is a shame since they had them perfect in Vice City.Definitely play (buy) it though, it’s friggin sweet.

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