Halloween: 30 Years of Terror

…26 of them worth dick.

AMC has their Halloween movie marathon playing.  They were especially hyping the 6th movie.  What I don’t get is why they don’t show the good ones later in the day…  See, unlike most series, sequels to horror movies almost always suck.  For example, Halloween.  The first one is a classic, but out of the sequels, only Halloween II and H20 are any good.  Halloween 4 has some good parts (particularly the music) and the ending has an excellent twist, but everything else was lacking.  Besides, if you watch 4, then you’ll want to watch the rest of the series…and the rest of the series is crap.

So, why are they showing the crap movies late in the evening?  Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, so most people are working during the day or at school.  Such people are missing out on the good movies!

Now they’re hyping Catwoman tomorrow.  Yes, that Halle Berry movie.  AMC = American Made Crap?  o_O

We’re all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.”


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