Halo 3: Campaign Nitpicks

Halo 3 has been released.  My brother pre-ordered it but I ended up playing it first (that’s usually how it works, even if the Xbox 360 is his).  Halo 3 has been getting rave reviews.  Yeah, it’s good and it’s better than Halo 2 but a 9.5?  That’s a bit much.  There’s certainly a lot to like and appreciate here, but Halo 3 is basically a souped-up Halo 2…with a slightly better campaign.

– Both the rocket and the shotgun have been nerfed.  The rocket launcher no longer locks on to vehicles.  Why?  The shotgun can now only fire five shells before needing to be reloaded.  Halo must be the only science-fiction where technology actually regresses as the time line of the series goes on.

– The Gravity Hammer is all kinds of awesome.  It’s a shame you can’t use it more often.

– Now that the Brutes have replaced Elites as the main enemy, the game is ridiculously easy.  In the previous games, Elites had shields just like the Chief.  If the player paused to recharge their shields, so did the Elites.  Brutes are tough, but their shields don’t regenerate.  I’ve only seen a few Brutes with energy shields.  Consequently, this eliminates any usefulness the plasma pistol had going for it.

– The friendly AI sucks.  I’ve seen a Marine hit his own men in a Warthog with a rocket.  I’ve seen a Marine get on a Mongoose and charge a Covenant Wraith with it.  Instead of making the game look pretty, someone should be working on the friendly troop AI.

– Ammo is a lot more scarce in this game.  I constantly had to switch weapons because I was running low on bullets/charges.  Contrast this with the first game, which allowed the Chief to carry ridiculous amounts of ammo (600 AR rounds!  120 pistol rounds!).  This nitpick only really pisses me off when I’m fighting Flood and more shotgun rounds would be nice.

– The story, while better than Halo 2, fluctuates between being hit or miss.  I won’t spoil a lot of the story but you actually team up with the Flood at one point.  Yes, let’s team up with the creatures who will consume the entire universe.  Who thought that was a good idea?

Wake me when you need me.”


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