Final Fantasy XII

I finally got Final Fantasy XII.  I had been meaning to check it out since it came out last year, but I kept delaying for some reason.  I’m still figuring out why.

So, first impressions.

For the record, this game has the longest opening scene I’ve ever witnessed.  I didn’t time it, but sweet Christmas, it felt like half an hour.  Sure, it was impressive, but I play games to, surprise, play games.  It doesn’t help that this sequence was plot-heavy too.  If you blink, you may find yourself in the dark for the rest of the game.  Actually, the plot is very simple: one country invades another and establishes imperial rule.  Simple enough to follow, but it’s made harder by all the names thrown at you.

Finally, the tutorial comes.  It does a nice job of introducing the player to gameplay mechanics.  It even furthers the story, which is a plus.  Most tutorials serve the purpose of accustoming the player to the game, but not adding anything to the plot.  Final Fantasy XII does both, earning it some much-needed props.

That said, I dislike the real-time battle system.  I also dislike the gambit system.  These are more subjective complaints than the others.  I absolutely despise the license board, though.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I could see where everything is and thus, plan my characters.  This game is also derived of character classes.  It allows freedom but it derives everyone of a role.  Some people are geared towards a role more than others (they start with licenses in different weapons, for instance).  However, since you can farm experience in this game, you could have everyone do everything.

Speaking of characters, I’m having trouble buying the main character as a protagonist.  Seriously, does this guy
look like he’s going to overthrow an empire?  His voice isn’t horrible, but he does sound like Kid Trunks from DragonBall Z.  The character is 17, but he talks like he hasn’t hit puberty yet.

Actually, I change my mind.  I love this line of thinking.  I can tell who the good guys are, just by their taste in clothes!  OK, I’m done being sarcastic, but yes, you can actually tell who’s a good guy because of their attire.  These two are good guys.  Is that guy wearing an armored bra?  That would explain a few things, since he’s the protagonist’s brother.  Perhaps fashion taste (or lack of it) is genetic?  And that girl?  Which one, eh?  The first one, the one in the outrageously impossible skirt.  She’s the former princess/leader of the resistance/insurgency.  She’s also 17 and a widow.  A bit much, eh?

On the other hand, these three are evil.  Damn evil and its taste in fashion!  Real good guys and girls show as much skin as possible!

And that’s enough ridiculousness for now.

The gods do not smile upon us.
I like it better that way.”

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