Fight Clean/Dirty

This comes from Tuesday’s Hardball.

I never completely understood the concept of a “clean fight”.  Sparring, perhaps, but a fight?  No such thing exists.  Even if two sides agreed to fight fairly, eventually, someone is going to start losing.  When that side starts losing, fighting dirty starts to look real nice.  So, they do.  The other side then has to make a choice.  Do they continue fighting cleanly, or do they start fighting like their opponent?  How exactly do people have fair fights anyway?  Are both sides equal to each other in terms of ability?  How do they judge or gauge that?

The problem with Iraq is we’re ignoring what the past century has taught us about warfare.  The lesson of total war, where the civilian is just as essential as the soldier to the national war machine.  One can not survive long with the other.  Sure, the soldier does the actual fighting but who supplies him?  The civilian, through tax dollars, industry, and other means of contribution.  We should know this.  If we do, then we’re not acknowledging the lesson.

The enemy knows this too.  Unlike us, they use the knowledge gained from the lesson.  They target civilians and use “underhanded” tactics to achieve their objectives.  They know how to fight dirty.  I’m not suggesting we do the same thing they do, to the letter.  American troops shouldn’t become suicide bombers.  Instead, I’m suggesting we fight without regulations.  There’s no referee in this conflict and our enemy has already thrown out the rulebook.  Why are we still following it?

Civilian casualties are a nasty side effect of war.  We can work to prevent them but that has made the enemy’s tactics all the more successful.  They only need to blend in with the civilian population and we can’t do a damn thing about it.  Why not cut to the heart of the matter?  If an insurgent hides behind a civilian for cover, that civilian should get the hell out of dodge so we can do our job.  Some people would say this is heartless or cruel.  Well, is our enemy fighting with compassion?  Hell no.  Why should we?  So we can achieve some sort of “moral victory”?

Right now, the enemy in Iraq is fighting dirty and we’re fighting too soft.  Where do we go from here?  Do we continue to fight clean?  Considering the results right now, that line of thinking doesn’t look very appealing.  Instead of attempting to punch the insurgency in the face, why not give them a swift kick in the nuts?

Oh, and for the record, I don’t particularly care for Ann Coulter.  She does look great for someone in her mid-40’s, though.

You didn’t beat me.  You ignored the rules of engagement!  In a fair fight, I’d kill you!
Well, then that’s not much incentive for me to fight fair, is it?


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