Self-Defeating Government

A person in my class once said the following:  If the opposite of con is pro, then wouldn’t the opposite of Congress be progress?

How true that quote is at this time.  Especially at a time when Congress passes legislation that is guaranteed to be vetoed.  Such legislation would include requiring American troops to start withdrawing by early October.  Regardless of a person’s stance on the Iraq war, hopefully someone will realize how self-defeating this bill is.

Our government works best when both the legislative and executive branches are working together.  This usually happens when a party controls both Congress and the Presidency (though this isn’t always the case).  Right now, it is obvious to say our government isn’t working at their full potential.  Right now, Congress is under slight Democratic control.  I say “slight” because the Democrats have enough control over Congress to get their legislation passed, but not enough power to override the President’s veto.  In other words, the Democrats have enough seats to get at least 51% of the legislative vote, but not the 2/3 needed to override a veto.

The platforms of each party are well-known.  The stubbornness of both sides is also well-known.  Bush wants one way, Congress wants another.  No matter who is blamed for this political stalemate, it must be noted that neither side is attempting to compromise with the other.  Why else would a Democrat-driven Congress pass a resolution they know a Republican President will veto?

This bill took about eighty days to get around Congress.  Eighty days to pass legislation guaranteed to be vetoed.  This is not the way of a smart government.  Those days could have been better spent.  Instead of passing failed recommendations, Congress could have worked to produce something more compromising.  Instead, they ignored compromise and passed bias.  Bias that will be rejected because of another man’s bias.

It is fun to see people bash Bush for being “stubborn, unyielding, blind, deaf,” etc.  Well, so are the Democrats.

Without strategy the people falls, but with many counselors there is victory.”


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